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Representing the people of the Geelong, Bellarine and Lara areas as the Member for Corio is the greatest honour of my working life.

As your local Federal MP, I want to be a strong voice fighting for a positive future for the Geelong region, and to do my job effectively I need to hear what matters to you and your family.

If I can help you with a Federal matter, please contact me.

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Richard Marles

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3 hours ago

Richard Marles MP


The Eden-Monaro by-election will be on 4 July.

If you haven’t already please head over to Kristy McBain - Labor Candidate for Eden-Monaro Facebook page and give it a Like.

Kristy is the only candidate who won’t let this regional community be forgotten by this Government.
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While career politicians in the Liberal and National parties were arguing among themselves over who should contest the seat, Kristy has been out on the ground talking to voters about their needs. Kristy wants to represent her community, which is struggling to cope with the triple whammy of drought, bushfires and Coronavirus.


Given the current situation we can only hope that the seat is retained with an increased margin.

6 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

Labor has always supported the need for an impartial international review into the origins of Coronavirus.

It needs to be independent and thorough - We need to know where this virus came from.
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Labor has always supported the need for an impartial international review into the origins of Coronavirus.

It needs to be independent and thorough - We need to know where this virus came from.

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It’s already mutated so the likelihood of finding out is pretty dim. To date most viruses have come from migratory birds

Absolutely. But it needs to be handled diplomatically at the right time or else risk a trade war......

Shouldn’t we be looking at the global response which is what the WHO investigation proposes to do? Are you supporting Morrison’s investigation into China or a broad reaching investigation? This headline puts labor directly supporting Morrison.

There is an investigation readying to be commenced, why suggest doubt most of the world are involved, why try to incriminate nation's before the work is complete, it took a hundred year's for people jumping to conclusions to identify the Spanish Flu actually emerged from France or even possibly possibly somewhere in the United States.

Yes there are lessons to be learnt for the future. China is being very childish in thinking it is aimed against China,

Concentrate on ridding this virus and any secondary virus that comes from it worldwide THEN investigate where it started etc Stop being a mouthpiece for Trump

Sars covid isn't the only issue we're facing. Too much trade reliance with a tyrannical,evil , murderous regime is another issue.

You may have to start in France!!!

Yes, of course. Its right that we actually do find out where the virus came from, so it doesn't happen again. Nothing dark about that! A clear and required question. Common sense. Did it really come from wet markets in China, or was it, as is thought, constructed in a lab. We are entitled to know this.

What does “where it came from” interpret as? The country; the laboratory; the animal to human mutation? People need to be very careful with words when there are xenophobic conspiracy theorists sitting in government.

It is important that as global health issue we need to find the Root and the Cause of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Then we must Analyse what we can do to prevent another one from occuring at all levels of governance. An independent investigation is an important first step.

Where are you going to find the people to do the enquiring, most of them vote Liberal so that’s independent out of the title to begin with. We have an adversarial system which encourages lies unless there is some form of retribution for those who do, we don’t have that so it’s a waste of money to the people who need it. We need an overhaul to crime and punishment if we’re going to trust you upper denizens of society again.

We don't need to know where the virus came from we need to know what caused the virus and how to prepare for the future and the next virus and that virus is coming. We need to know which countries were prepared and which were not. We have been warned over the years that these viruses were coming but we were surprised. Why? We have been told viruses will appear regularly so we need to prepared.

History will record it & how it turned our world upside down & how we lost our every day freedom !

I am very surprised that with all the internet noise about who was on bord and the possible interference at federal level to let ruby princess disembark, there has been a total silence in our media.... is there a gag in regard to the link with Hillsong ?

This is not a “blame game”, or at least it shouldn’t be. It is a scientific investigation to better understand the origins and viral transmission to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

So are we going to have a retrospective Where did the Flu come from and where did measles come from and herpes etc. What we need to know for sure is: was the virus man made??...

Covid is a world affecting virus which requires an independent all-countries investigation into its cause and source ie: WHO. Morrison's judgement in unilaterally and forcefully calling for this says more about his inflated ego than his understanding of diplomacy. He should also know that the megaphone never works with China, and his egotistical exercise in self-promotion is having costly consequences.

I think Labor would have better diplomacy skills with this matter

I wish we can have that, but can we trust domestic and international liers and bullies? The most important word here is INDEPENDENT and it does not matter how much we try, I don't think that will be achieved. The collected data will be sorted to benefit one or the other side. 😏

The important word is " independent "! There is so much carry on about this, in very emotive terms, that it will be so much harder to get truth. Of course we also need to learn why some nations refused to act on information that others used well. I think of US, Russia , Brazil in particular! Remembering that the nastiest , least productive comments on China and WHO came from US .

Deaths in Taiwan 6 - in Australia 102 Infections in Taiwan under 700 - in Australia more than 9k Taiwan NO LOCKDOWN - Oz many weeks of lockdown. Taiwan did it right - Oz did it wrong. I want an investigation (Royal Commission) to see why Australia's response was so very woeful.

Distracting that statement from the Fabian UN puppets has been like extracting teeth from an elephant! Labor plans will still be to continue to install the UN’s one world order— its been the Fabian plan since Whitlam signed the UN Lima Declaration in 1975– they won’t give up now!!!

As with EVERY big outbreak of disease there WAS ALWAYS going to be an independent inquiry into the outbreak. Whether Australia called for it or not..

Look at the population of china and Australia China 1,400,000,000 Aust 25,000,000 Lets forget it and get this country back on track. We need a General Election as soon as possible. Morrison has to many Questions to Answer. He is misleading the Public and Parliament.

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10 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

It’s up to our State Premiers and Chief Ministers to when they choose to open their borders up. The Federal Government needs to be working with them constructively and providing leadership, not undermining.

We respect the position of our State and Territory Governments, we must continue to follow the medical advice at all times.
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Thank goodness the premiers have basically been running the whole show its really whats saved us from Morrison, who only had the stimulus package to look after and managed to make a hash of it

Unfortunately Morrison’s and his gang are only interested in the Economy and the Budget. He created this National Cabinet just so if anything went wrong, no one can point the finger at him. The Stimulus package was not created for the workers alone , more for Big Businesses and Corporations. They are the ones reaping the benefits of the Stimulus package while exploiting workers in the name of the Virus. If he had it his way from the beginning, no companies would have closed and there would have been no Stimulus package , which as a matter of fact he refused at first. It’s always all about the Budget and the Economy. Let’s hope if things get worse, they don’t start dipping into the future Fund ( Superannuation ) of the Australian people.


Leave our Q'ld Premier alone she has our support

All The federal government has to do is state that the pandemic is over and that then that places the renegade states in a position that they are in breach of the constitution. That's how simple it is, im my opinion.

The premiers are the ones that are making the difference between us riding the pandemic in a safe way and us falling in the ditch ie US or UK. Our “leader” is as always physically absent or mentally and psychologically absent from reality. We will have to manage as always with faith in the community and having its welfare up front.

So many experts, all with various differing views. Does your head in. Just live your own life carefully.

I just love the way Richard just lays it on the line, both Karl and Dutton gobsmacked.

Peter "Ruby Princess" Dutton who cannot even manage his own job cannot resist hectoring other people who are actually doing their jobs. Dutton, Tim Wilson and Dan Tehan are acting as Scotty from Marketing's attack dogs, so Scotty can try to keep pretending he is Santa Claus.

It has worked out well so far don’t stuff around with it and don’t listen to those with other agendas

Well said Richard, it's important to contiune to keep the government to account on their actions.

The government not undermine... hmmm.. Did u also tell Labor Dan the same when he undermined the government and signed up to the China roads?

Keep our borders closed until Sydney and Melbourne get there states under control and have no cases like the rest of us

Why would you have spud on TV talking about borders,? he is the clown that imported the virus from America. He then backed that up with the Ruby Princess, backed by the stupid whacky witch in the east.

One place he is not is in parliament.

we should do what Dutton and the N.S.W said after all they did such a good job on the Ruby Princess

Interesting isn’t it how these politicians choose to go on commercial TV but aren’t brave enough to be interviewed on the ABC because on my goodness their so left-wing 🤔there just too frighten the truth of their incompetence and backroom deals will be exposed.

NSW was surrounded by 3 states with their borders shut... not just QLD. QLD & any other state don't have to bounce to the NSW govt. tune. Dutton gets on board because Gladys belongs to the same LNP crew. Sydney was an epicenter for virus cases.... pull your head in Gladys & Dutto.

It's interesting to note that the majority of States and even the Territory have there boarders closed at the moment, yet the focus for Dutton and co( LIBERAL &LIBERAL LEANING) is aimed at one, and that one is held by Labor and facing an upcoming election, then again maybe I am being cynical.

point being,its up to each premier what they do.why is dutton getting involved.theyre not exactly squeeky clean here in nsw.made a lot of mistakes.

Watch YouTube carefully to the end. This proves you the media are covering up corruption. It’s becoming very obvious blind Freddy can see your all gagged. YouTube come together as one people. Prove you have freedom of speech. Bet this won’t be on the news. Selling off our water treason corruption and laws packed away. I’ll keep posting it saying I put on Chanel 9. But they don’t think that a government selling us out is important.

All medical officers are saying something different

The government only use “experts” and “scientific advise” when it suits them.... they ignore all the experts advise during the bush fires and they still ignore the science of climate change....but now want to use medical advise as an excuse to put people at risk for commercial gain. If anything goes wrong, like a second wave, they will of course blame it on the state and the advisors.

I think the states being closed are causing some logistical problems especially out west where people have to cross borders to shop etc but surely these can be sorted out. I can see that some states would prefer to not have crowds of tourists at the moment until they see what happens as restrictions are loosened.

Dutton is only pushing this barrow because Queensland election are coming soon and he is the LNP attack dog, the premier will decide when to open the borders, Dutton should get his own ship together and stop them coming to Australia and not allowing the transmission of the virus to thousands of people on the mainland

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Thanks to Cass for this koality photo 🐨

With the wet and windy week we have had down in Victoria this koala is probably the only thing that’s been hanging out on the washing line.
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Thanks to Cass for this koality photo 🐨 

With the wet and windy week we have had down in Victoria this koala is probably the only thing that’s been hanging out on the washing line.

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Two Australian icons. Love this photo

Where are the gum trees the koala should be clinging to 😡😡😡😡😡😡

How iconic the Hills Hoist and the Koala..brilliant.🇦🇺

Must of been very slippery for him to climb the clothes line or someone put him up there he looks kind spooked

Two of Australias ICONS!!!!

Iconic Australia!

Wanted to ride the Merry Go Round

Talk about "true blue" 2 Australia icons

If you cant find a tree!!!!!!

Doesn't get more Australian than this ❤

Are there no trees left?

How Australian

Cute photograph for sure <3 But I find it so sad that the poor little thing is clinging onto a Hills hoist instead of it's tree.

great to see our koalas starting to recover and hopefully thrive again

Adorable and cute but our koalas are in dire need of our protection! Do you know VIC & NSW governments are allowing logging in critical koala habitat? Hoping you are doing something to fix this Richard Marles MP.

What a great photo. Watching this photo made me feel very happy indeed.

What could be more cuter than a Koala hanging of a hills hoist.❤️

Very sad photo. Koalas don't climb clothes lines if there's trees to climb.

Poor little bugger looks stumped, was he escaping danger or scouting for trees that weren't so smooth, hard and cold, preferably with leaves unlike this weird tree standing sentinel over a closed in clearing, deep in human territory and so many dingos of so many sizes shapes and colours. It's too much for a Koala to bear.........boom chica boom.

Please keep on cherishing these beautiful unique creatures xxxx

We need to improve their habitat before it's too late, around Port Macquarie all these new subdivisions have had every single tree removed, the Koala will be extinct before we know it!!!!

A photo of you & Elbo ....‘Labor....demanding Parliament be reinstated immediately. ......That is your photo op Mr Marles??? Enjoy of these distractions and fluff!!!!

We’re in Perth. Just wait until our current weather hits you!

I think someone put him there. But very cute for a great Sunday. Thank you.

I love when people share great Writing Prompt pictures!

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