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As your local Federal MP, I want to be a strong voice fighting for a positive future for the Geelong region, and to do my job effectively I need to hear what matters to you and your family.

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6 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

Today at the National Press Club address we got Scott Morrison, the angry, shouty ad man with no plan โ€“ but a lot of excuses.

The global assessment of Australia is that we are ranked right at the bottom in terms of climate change action - lying about it wonโ€™t change that.
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Can see why he wears glasses. He definitely doesn’t have 2020 vision!

The era of the uninformed voter is over. Cash incentives and ill conceived infrastructure is not enough. Australia needs a leader with a conscience and a spine. Someone that we are proud to elect not embarrassed by.

The extreme Right, Murdoch and Big Business has him by the throat and the short and curlies. He'll be ousted if he doesn't follow. ๐Ÿ˜ก

Well said. It’s a slow burn to the election....

All very well, Richard, but how are Labor’s fracking and coal plans going to be any better than those of the LNP? While we’re at it, can you state again what Labor’s vision for future climate action will be. You’re pretty mouthy about LNP failing on the climate front, but what about Labor?

Surprised Sky News let this go out. Mind you we didn't see what the presenter's response was.

Possibly THE most loathsome PM in history.

Sounds like his great mate trump.

Tell the truth. We pay your wages. But not for much longer i hope.

Just remember this is the only planet we have. Take care of it.

& there he was on the National Press Club (today 29/1/20),our Marketing PM & not budging one inch on Australia's Emission Policy ! Australia has to stop all new Coal Mines,stop Coal Exports,adopt Professor Ross Garnaut's Clean Energy Future Plan,deal with Australia's Transport & Agriculture Emissions ! California employs 8.5 Clean Energy Workers for every one Fossil Fuel Industry worker !

Please google "dirty power" this is what we are up against!!! This government is the roadblock!

Thank God someone’s calling him out

Please please stop talking about climate change! You're like a broken record!

Well said, Richard.

The Empty Vessel making the Loudest noise!

Nope. Abbott holds that honour

Give the Gov of the day powers like martial law. What could go wrong?

I agree totally... but why did you cut your message short...?

He did not answer any questions Just gave statements that the journalist said

Not a nice post Mr. Not so Perfect

Whats really evident here is the Labour supporters have a very foul mouth, all good for you guys to troll Liberal posts, but when the shoe is on the other foot..... you all get a bit hot and bothered.

Morison is the Trump in Australia. He likes to listen to his own voice.

I thought he answered the questions very well

Well said Richard

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11 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

Scott Morrison dismisses questions about his Governments sports rorts - He wonโ€™t even apologise to those who have missed out. ... See MoreSee Less

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If it looks like a rort, smells like a rort, fails to pass the pub test and the PM dismisses it one has to ask were they are all in on it.

Very slick in avoiding the question by talking discursively to distract from the question asked.

Looked like a deer in the headlights today I thought. Not convincing at all. One term PM imploding before our eyes.

The total arrogance of scumo is absolutely disgraceful. He is a very poor excuse for a p.m. Has no clue as a leader!! ๐Ÿคฅ๐Ÿคก๐Ÿ˜ 

The PM's arrogance is disrespectful to professionals like Andrew Probyn and others indicates he has no sense justice and he thinks his leadership is about covering up the truth.

So he didn't answer the question! Another nail in the coffin. Hope you're counting them, Scomo.

He has NO moral compass and no ethics whatsoever. Surely his religion doesn’t condone blatant lying, to say nothing of fraud and corruption!

“It is the hallmark of a person who demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles at work. ... A person who has integrity lives his or her values in relationships with coworkers, customers, and stakeholders. Honesty and trust are central to integrity.”

Put a spin on corruption and throw it back at the other party that’s what there good at how to help top end out and take from the bottom look after your friends and believe your own lies

What deal must he do with the ex sport minister so that she will carry the can, without tipping a bucket over him? This is a spineless way to go. Better to confess and get credit for it than have it dragged out little by little and look like a complete mug!

Guessing Scott Morrison no longer has any connection to truth or integrity, another saddened day for the Australian people. Hope it feels good for him and his loved ones

He needs to see the kids that struggle every day. But then that wouldn’t cause him any concern as he is an unfeeling buffoon

Scotty from marketing, completely lacking in sincerity and integrity with a Trump-like regard for the truth

Saw Peter Dutton sitting in the audience looking very relaxed and comfortable . If I was Scotty from Marketing I would make sure that any evidence that proves that I was involved was in a very secure location

We must keep on at him on this. It should not just ‘go away’ as he’d like it to.

So instead of attending this meeting with truth he just carried on with his lies and dismissal of the facts

Not a view. Its fact mate.

Do the words honesty, integrity, ethics and morals ever enter Morrison‘s head. What a sad excuse for a prime minister

What I found really disturbing was his suggestion that more money might be made available to those organisations that missed out.......that suggests he doesn't even understand what McKenzie has done wrong, or even worse, he doesn't care.....

Yep. That would be admitting the rort. He won’t.

Im sure his wealthy mates think he’s a good sport...

And now the heads are chasing the whistleblower(s). Punishment will happen.

Never answers a question. The quiet Australians need to be held accountable.

Isnt it amazing the prime minister can not answer those two questions I could we all could but not the PM.

Arrogant smoko strikes again, doesn’t or can’t or won’t answer the question.

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This is a photo of our nations capital tonight.

The emergency-level fire in Namadgi National Park was heading east and northeast towards Canberra and growing at a rate of 400 hectares per hour.

Canberra residents in the far southern suburbs have been told to activate their bushfire survival plans, with an evacuation centre set up at Erindale College.

Stay safe and look after each other - Emergency Service Agency latest here: esa.act.gov.au/emergency-warning-orroral-valley-fire
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This is a photo of our nations capital tonight. 

The emergency-level fire in Namadgi National Park was heading east and northeast towards Canberra and growing at a rate of 400 hectares per hour.

Canberra residents in the far southern suburbs have been told to activate their bushfire survival plans, with an evacuation centre set up at Erindale College.

Stay safe and look after each other - Emergency Service Agency latest here: https://esa.act.gov.au/emergency-warning-orroral-valley-fire

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This photo was taken by Pia Rowe - thank you.

Keep up to date with the situation here - esa.act.gov.au/emergency-warning-orroral-valley-fire

I can't move forward knowing we have a PM that isn't a member of this society, he has caused devastation and death through his lack of action, action that was encouraged by people we have had faith in for many years. His cabinet are just as guilty for their dismissing of all the issues that our country faces. I truly wish they all are held responsible and gaoled for their arrogant and dismissive attitude.

Horrible. Brings back unhappy memories of 17 years ago. ๐Ÿ˜ข

I wonder if the PM can see this from his office or if he’s ‘working’ from home. #climatechangeisathing

If you need accommodation Parliament House would have plenty of room

Holly Molly I thought it was all coming to a close๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ climate change is crap, this is all miss management n not taking care of the land. U must learn to listen ,n see what the land is doing to be able to work with it effectively. Just saying by experience in the NT as an Aboriginal elder ♥๏ธ๐Ÿพ

Having been in the 2003 fires in the ACT when lives & houses were lost I find it very difficult to understand the attitude of people who have never Lived in Canberra & don't know that each weekend the Politicians go home & return Monday morning. We see very little of them. So don't blame the people who live & work in Canberra for the actions Of the Government

Hard days ahead Richard for #OurVolunteers #OurCommunities #OurPeople. For those impacted - look after each other. If you’re going to leave, plan to leave early and listen to ABC Canberra

Perhaps now it will impact the concept that all is well. It is not. Such loss still going on. Within those flames which threaten lives...homes...are tiny creatures dying. Habitats wiped out. But hey...it's all good. Head out of sand Prime Minister...

Jan hope the boys are ok how are you and Judith we are still not out of the woods it calmed for a moment and now the weather is heating up we had rain thank you Hashem for the rain and the cooler couple of days one can not complain every day is a gift for me be wel achi

Unfortunately a photo similar to scenes that many of us have faced this hellish season. I pray for everyone's safety, their homes, their lives. And for our hero fire fighters that so selflessly go to the frontline.

Stay safe everyone. Having been through this in the Blue Mountains for over 3 weeks, I understand how stressful it is.

Hi everyone safest side of Canberra is the northern suburbs away from Fyshwick and oakes estate

Stay safe Canbarians, Australian are keeping you in our ♥๏ธ

They showed this on ABC news acknowledging the great photo of the sunset through the smoke and advising not to be alarmed, it was not flames, but the sun. Plenty of smoke though.

Canberra people. . Please stay safe .๐Ÿ™

Stay safe my family and friends in Canberra...

I see on the horizon a National something Is it a man ? No a plane โœˆ๏ธ No it’s a National ICAC with teeth ๐Ÿฆท There ! Can you see ๐Ÿ‘ซ In a red cape There to protect us from politicians ๐Ÿ˜

Are these fires never going to end more heartache please be safe everyone

Looks fearful, Barry. Hope you're all safe & sound.

This is Canberra burning ..God help is all .Amen ...

Maybe the penny will drop with the PM, hope he’s there to witness this!

All of this could pale if this discussion takes the focus off the lack of decisive action to stop the importation of the novel coronavirus. Once again the government here may be the last to act by stopping people arriving from China. The virus has now spread to people who have not left their home country in Japan and Germany, yet Australia still says it has not happened here. Richard, hold the government to account on this issue.

I am praying for residents and lots of rain to fall soon. It is all I can think of to do.

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Tonight the ACT is facing the worst bushfire threat since the devastating 2003 bushfires.

Take care of each other - Please listen to authorities and follow the ACT Emergency Services Agency for updates.
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Climate Change is Bullshit. Why don't you little computer brainoligest get on them and look up weather history. Oh, I forget you may have to get off your comfy chair and physically look for information. And if you do think it is climate change turn off all your your technical gear and do thing the old fashion way. Oh that's right, you may have to take your BUM'S out of the chair and move.

Terrible news! Good Luck in controlling this beast!! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘

Thinking of you all ,please stay safe.

Where is SCOMO. I guess they have all the necessary transport to drive him with a police escort or a chopper to air lift lift him and his wife and family to safety. Not left to fend for themselves like all other Australians. Wouldn't it be ashame if parliament house went. If it is at risk, how many Firefighters will be ORDERED TO DEFEND IT, while Mr and Mrs Joe Blow will be left to defend there houses one their own.

Oh dear! Take care and keep safe ๐Ÿ™

I hope this sends a clear message that climate change is eliminating humans and we need to change our ways from a capital way of life.This means understanding the impact internet radiation is having on our environment since these 5g towers went in this has occurred I can't help thinking its bit much for our environment I grew up in the eighties where a payphone was alternative to a house phone technology has gone to far to survive u need to reverse it go back to old way off life and live off the grid to give this environment healing time if u don't well u could be next to die I guess people in power have the ability to change this if u ignore it well it could impact your child a family member or someone close to u hate to sound so harsh but Australia is not America nor is it China!!! Learn now or it be big Costs for now and following generation stop wasting money on things we don't need and following countries who would rather take over or dictate our future.Protect it honour your ancestors and natives or u will be punished

Stay safe everyone

Stay alert, stay safe people. ๐Ÿ’ช

Where's the PM? Buying votes from drought affected farmers that he has no intention of helping.

Stay safe

Is Scomo going to play Nero ?

Why no Sign language interpreter ?

Sarah Dudley

Dot Misko

The Damn Stupid Government should Have Ignored the Lousy Stupid Greenies and cleared our land and made Significant FIre Breaks. Bought many more Fire Bombers instead of sending our hard earned taxes over seas.! Then they should have got the armed services in Months and months ago? These Politicians should hang their heads in shame? They now have blood on their hands with so much loss of lives, so much loss of animals, so much destruction and heart ache too? I am sick of this CLIMATE CHANGE CRAP AS WELL?? That's absolute BULLSHIT!! ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ฎ We won't have any land to burn soon, Then will the GREENIES Be Happy?? ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”

Good hope it burns all the FUCKING self serving politicians to death

scummo says nothing to see here !!!!

Shoulda been out by now

Couldn't you let it burn a bit longer, get rid of a few of the cockroaches in the public service.

Parliament house is a bunker. These lying LNP mongrels knew what was coming years ago, have denied it publicly, and looked after themselves๐Ÿคฌ.

Burn the bloody joint down good riddance tax payer funded bloody oxygen thieving shit hole

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