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  • Deputy Leader of the Australian Labor Party | Shadow Minister for Defence | Federal Member for Corio

Here for Geelong

Representing the people of the Geelong, Bellarine and Lara areas as the Member for Corio is the greatest honour of my working life.

As your local Federal MP, I want to be a strong voice fighting for a positive future for the Geelong region, and to do my job effectively I need to hear what matters to you and your family.

If I can help you with a Federal matter, please contact me.

Yours sincerely,
Richard Marles

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17 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

Whose side is the Morrison Government on? ... See MoreSee Less

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Good on you for standing up for people out there struggling Richard!

Well said thank you.

So are you going to stand up for those that are stuck in an out of date system called “Child Support” or better referenced as the Government Agency that takes fathers lives or why about the Family Law Courts of Australia? As this questioned has gone unanswered for so long by both the Labor and Liberal parties I take it as a big fat NO. This corrupt Government body has ruined so many lives and continues to do so.

Hear hear comrade they care little for those on welfare and the pensioners of Australia their all for the rich and big business nothing for the workers or poor this is not a Government for the workers or poor this a government for the Rich and multinational


Well said this time Richard. Keep it going.

The perfect one word description of this LNC Government is “Narcissistic!”

Well said

Why doesn't labor go door to door with a handful of ALDI bags?Share the wealth??

Well said

Yeah ... it’s pretty obvious the LNP has not had the best interests of All Australians in mind & would basically prefer that the ‘under privileged’ simply didn’t exist

Thank you Richard -so true ,why don't you become prime minister

3 more years of this government- sigh!

Well said,but Australians will still be suffering. No light in the harbor .....

We need this attack on us to be heard loud, clear and OFTEN! This cabal is not a government, but a gang of thieves.

Yep spot on

Richard. All those people you mention did not vote for you. Why?

Well said Richard.

So bloody true

Yes, you are CORRECT. This Government is most definitely NOT on most of the people in this country's SIDE.

Spot on Richard keep at them mate

guessing they're not even on their own side.

They are there for theirself and rich

Labor doesn't really impress me any more! Same old tired rhetoric. Who voted up the age of pension. Who raised the bar for disability pension. Who hasn't a clue how to combat the turn back the boats slogans. Who couldn't see that Bill was never going to make it! Labor might need to consider it's traditional values.

bahahhaha.... from experience Richard is only on his own side too. Hypocrisy at its best

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2 days ago

Richard Marles MP

The Morrison Government claims we’ve never been better off, yet wages are stagnant, living standards have gone backwards and household debt is at record highs.

Families aren’t feeling better off under the Morrison Government.
... See MoreSee Less

The Morrison Government claims we’ve never been better off, yet wages are stagnant, living standards have gone backwards and household debt is at record highs. 

Families aren’t feeling better off under the Morrison Government.

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The Morrison government plans for a welfare card and drug testing of those receiving Newstart - How will this help those in need?

I do believe Scomo has never been better off. Lovely big salary, with a huge annual rise. Two posh mansions to live in at no expense. Free travel all over the world, first class of course. Tell lies about any topic being debated with no consequences. And don't forget he can call himself a caring Christian because he says so. Of course he will always have a taxpayer funded pension when he gets kicked out and it won't be a miserable Newstart one. Yes Scomo, YOU have never been better off!!

the "we've" covering the rich connected to multinationals, they have never been better off 10% extra each and every year.

And labor are not the party I used to vote for

Sadly so out of touch, they are letting down our most vulnerable.

They have a plan alright more tax cuts for the rich and more deregulation that protects workers wages, safety and superannuation.

As usual he lives in a Lalaland and will NEVER admit that they have no idea about economic and how to run our beautiful country

That IS their plan and they're proud of it.

Morrison’s plan is directing our $ elsewhere, hence no services and huge debt

The LNP Plan to enrich themselves is working a treat for them & the IPA 1% elite- no Policies- a case of mind over matter - the LNP don’t mind and the citizens don’t matter 🤮

The Morrison government has no plan because these things are non issues for them. All is exactly as it should be. The incredibly sad issue here is due to appalling management in the Labor party we have ended up with Tony Abbott as Prime Minister ( unfuckingbelievable!!) Bill shorten as a leader who lost the unloseable election to bloody Scott Morrison ( even more fucking unbelievable!!) It continues to go from disastrous to atrocious with every passing day. And nothing changes.

What a joke of a treasurer. Just having to liar about the state of the economy each day. You wonder how these guys sleep at night.

Better off you are kidding, yes for the rich they are great, especially the ones that are receiving franking credits.

The LNP doesn't care about the working class poor; NEVER HAS?

We are waiting the Labor party to do something about it,why not early elections ,if we have a fire we need to call the fire brigade,we don’t let the fire going

I think I was better off back about 20 years. My pay sure went up regularly; my union bargained successfully....Now everything is at a standstill for the ordinary Aussie.

Morrison has a plan but it doesn’t include us little people and he claims we have never been better off. I think they have never been better off! If we can’t kick this no hoper government out at next election, I will leave the country for a better life.

If people believe his lies theres not much we can do. Tried our hardest to tell them! We didn't vote for them is t he best we can say for now. But we are not giving up.

Of course the Morrison Government think everything is ticketyboo because they giving themselves pay rises, tax cuts not to mention the mega bucks in graft and corruption!! Why wouldn't they think life is good?

Unfortunately they do have a plan and it doesn’t involve taking care of those less well off than their rich mates

Richard Marles So what plan does the Labour Party have? Labour have been very quiet since the election Mr Albanese particularly. So what is going on? I am a long-standing Labour voter feeling very despondent 😢

6 Years of LNP and the economy is still Labor's fault! Bereft of policy this government lives on lies and ignoring obvious economic warning signs.

The Morrison government claims a lot of things that aren’t true

Of course they have a plan. Put your snout in the trough and gobble the fastest. They have been doing this for. Years.

They have a plan.. grind the poor into the dust and hive off more money for them and their mates.

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