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Representing the people of the Geelong, Bellarine and Lara areas as the Member for Corio is the greatest honour of my working life.

As your local Federal MP, I want to be a strong voice fighting for a positive future for the Geelong region, and to do my job effectively I need to hear what matters to you and your family.

If I can help you with a Federal matter, please contact me.

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Richard Marles

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9 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

Disaster preparedness is a national issue which deserves national leadership.

Scott Morrison needs to come to the table and start listening to what our firefighters need.
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Bring in the army. Anything. Anyone that can help stop our fires. Our fire fighters are so exhausted. Act now. ASAP

Many firefighters are exhausted. The Govt needs to step up to bring in the army to help give these brave people some relief & much deserved rest.

Smoko will be there in a jiffy! Well maybe a week or two? Maybe a month or two? He’ll probably be offering “thoughts and prayers”! True blue! Where the Bloody Hell are you?

He can't come to the table because he's holidaying in Hawaii. Too much smoke to stay in Sydney or travel to the mountains. But don't worry, there is no climate change and everything is going to be ok because he's thinking and praying

Pay all the volunteers so they dont have money worries on top of all they're giving and risking their lives for all of us.

Scomo needs to go to the Fire Control Centres & the Fire Fronts to Face the Truth for Once !

He,s gone to the beach in Hawaii!

His government are more interested in the budget and their surplus if they actually help then they would have to admit they failed. Our firies are so exhausted and according to our ridiculous PM "they want to be out there" really Mr Morrison you and your government need to go

The Government are sitting in their hands. What lousy leaders we have. SHAME

Governments The same the world over... You have my Deepest concerns for your Beutiful country. 😢

Labor shows a lack of leadership in promoting the Adani mine!

Bless them all

Their is no $$$ to be scamed out of Firefighting so they wont invest in it!

This is where work for the dole should come into place

Why would he do that now According to him there is no problem that God can't fix.

Too interested in their surplus to be bothered with actually doing something useful

Maybe they are waiting for some Foreign Aid to be returned.....

Need to change ScoMo to Nero don't know if he plays the fiddle so that must make Dutton his heir apparent Caligula wonder if they are going to try putting a horse in the Senate

W.A on fire still no word from federal government ffs we prop up the country!

It is not a responsible government!

What a mess

Where is scum, hiding in Hawaii 👎

He’s too busy worrying about other countries

That fire is 30 klm long

Why are they asking for more resources? Our PM - the Smug Mug of indifference - insists they need no more assistance and they love being there anyway.

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17 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

Bills pile up. Wages stay the same.

Families are barely staying afloat and this Government isn't doing a thing to help them.
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Bills pile up. Wages stay the same.

Families are barely staying afloat and this Government isnt doing a thing to help them.

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That's why it was such a brilliant idea to privatise our electricity supplies. 😠😠😠

Federal governments dont set consumer energy tariffs..most state governments do then the retail energy companies set their retail tariffs to customers

Great news NOT

i actually thought they were going to look into petrol pricing as well.

It just gets worse.

Everything is going up. Insurance, power, rates, everything except the ability to pay for it all


Thanks guys .

State governments mainly labor are responsible for ever increasing power prices as they push renewable energy. Consumers paying for subsidies handed out by premiers. Just ask Victorians.

Lnp governments sold the states power assets. Qld is next. The Qld premier and deputy are handing the next election to the Lnp. Our state is more important than their egos. They need to remove themselves and give someone a chance to peg back a disastrous loss. Remember what happened to Anna Bligh?

They don’t care. The LNP act as though it is their money they are squandering. Someone needs to remind them that the Australian worker is holding this country up! We are pensioners and even we pay tax in the form of GST! So it’s our money they’re wasting. And it’s about time pensions went up and the unemployed get a better deal!!

Wow. We have a $5 billion surplus (downgraded from $7 billion with $600 plus billion owing) and government income down $30 billion. Get the picture? Frydenberg is proud of the MYEFO figures and boasts households are doing well. Good luck 😉. Gee we’re lucky to have the best economic managers in charge!! NOT.

We the fools ? Think really hard and remember this governments don’t have money eat the by them they reap in money from all sorts of levy’s or taxes . Now if the people built the power plants and the infrastructure and now it’s sold of to budget there books so they know exactly how much money comes in when they sell us out to there mates . And they just milk the goose till we all can’t afford it , what a joke we are not the governments , because we all know we’re getting ripped off!

Under the current Liberal government we are being shown the "dark side" of Capitalism and we have a fascist government at the moment. We know that statistically speaking, under the current fascist Liberal Regime, that the Australian economy is in the worst condition it's ever been in for the past decade. We know that the rate of homeless people has dramatically increased. We know that the number of suicides directly attributed to financial stress have also dramatically increased. We know that the number of jobs that are actually available and particularly unskilled work, is dramatically less than the number of people who are actually looking for work. We know that for people who are actually over the age of 50 and are looking for work, the majority of those people are actually suffering from debilitating illness both physical and psychological and are therefore finding it extremely difficult to secure a job. We also know that Scott Morrison is a religious nut whom is involved with a cult called Hillsong and that he is actually mixing politics and his religious "beliefs" together while supposedly running the country. Based on these sad facts and many more, I would say that Australia is in very bad condition right now. Whenever we have a Liberal government in power, Australia takes a nose dive. The economy plummets, the value of our dollar decreases and the average working class person suffers as a result. The Liberal voters try to defend themselves by saying, "but it would have been worse under a Labor Government" however they have absolutely no actual statistics to show that would be the case. Statistically speaking, Australia has always flourished under a Labor Government. The arrogance and panic of the Liberal voters simply led them to vote based on emotional fear rather than logic and a kind heart towards the rest of the country. Now of course we are all paying for it.

Yup RANT MODE ON ;) OK so we had Corman tell us some BS on how well things are going. That's the first issue. You can't fix problems IF you don't recognise you have them in them first place. Wage growth, hmm wages growing at above inflation. OK but the problem there is it's a lie, as REAL inflation is closer to 5-7% and wages need 8-9% to beat it after tax. Oh and tax brackets have to increase also, which they are not, BUT petrol excise are, hmmm interesting that huh. The main culprit is cost of housing, soaring rents where people are gearing purchase of house's not for renting but for investment in a booming market. It's really bad for the economy and cost of living, and you can lay the blame on that with John Howard. Worse though little Johnny also fixed it so housing doesn't impact on inflation by only recording the house purchase as a once off. So a once off accounting for a burden that will impact people for 30 years. Doesn't add up. It's why the economy is stalling and the cost of living having been manipulated is going through the roof. Not to mention privatisation, which has been an unmitigated disaster. Then those 1.4 million jobs created, yeah, NO. Well the problem is the amount of hours worked has not increased in ten years and is now at the level of the GFC, when we are not in a GFC. So those jobs are created by chopping up the hours up amongst 3 million full time jobs. So not really jobs, as defined by law as one which can cloth you, feed you, house you, and allow a little to be saved away for a rainy day. Part time work is economic slavery at it's finest. You do not get a go nor have a chance to have a go. Pure BS. So we have a population that does not want to vote Labor and why. The LNP support base has been isolated and protected any dissenters get banned like no tomorrow so that the truth doesn't get out. It's why Scott and the government won't answer questions, it's why they lie and lie and lie again, cause they have isolated their base. I've spoken to a number of these people and now that hey understand just how bad the LNP is they have begun to change their minds, but it's awfully hard. I would encourage people to read and watch The Business interview on ABC Iview with Ken Henry is a real eye opener. enjoy (Don't tell Ita or she'll cut it) www.abc.net.au/news/2019-11-08/topham-guerins-boomer-meme-industrial-complex/11682116?fbclid=IwAR...

Yet they utterley refuse to give newstart and pensions a rise, energy has gone through the roof, rents up, food up etc. I lived in NSW for 1yr, left to return to Qld, I am just finishing my Origin bill in a fortnight, has taken me 18mths to pay it off, scandalous prices😢

The lucky country???? Feeling lucky? Start school at six weeks then work until your dead it’s your patriotic duty.

How can there be a surplus when we have foreign debt over one trillion dollars? Why are we not hearing or reading about our foreign debt? Whem Labor are in power it is in the news daily and is a dire problem. Why is it not a problem when the Lnp are in?

Well we did say this would happen when the lnp sold off the infrastructure.

Thinking of sending a probe to Mars,how do I apply for a multi million dollar grant to help me in my quest.

How is it so ,the LNP!,are always blaming the high cost of everything, on the cost of high wages !

dont you all realize that when wages go up so does everything else to pay for the rise........

Well forget about your UN wealth redistributing climate change agenda and build some coal fired power stations to provide cheap reliable power.

I’m begging Labour to change this negative script whether it’s on FB, Q& A or any media opportunity, the tired old mantra of putting down the LNP versus providing constructive policy. You can see from comments here people are sick of it. Time for ending short termite and coming up with bipartisan long term solutions ( in my dreams, I know)

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This is the kind of long-term vision this country needs.

It's exactly what the Liberals are failing to offer.

Cheap, endless energy powering generations of good, well-paying jobs.

That's what Labor is fighting for.
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This is the kind of long-term vision this country needs.

Its exactly what the Liberals are failing to offer.

Cheap, endless energy powering generations of good, well-paying jobs.

Thats what Labor is fighting for.

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Doesn't have to be modern high tech jobs, establishing industries in good old fashioned work could also do, how about shoemaking with leather, food industries, But do it in full, with backup training. Establish real industries with genuine labor and a centre of excellence.

There hasn’t been any new large sustainable industries in Australia in many years. To ensure economic growth and employment into the future we need to diversify and grow our sustainable and environmentally appropriate industry in Australia.

Wasn't Labor leader Albanese in Northern Queensland selling the benefits of the Adani coal mine just last week? A coal mine that has been given access to 12.5 billion litres of water a year while the farmers and a list of growing rural communities are literally running dry? And that's not even touching the overall environmental impact. Kind of contradicts this message, doesn't it? I'm not a Liberal voter, I'm a NFI who to vote for anymore voter.

Yes!!!! Environment + Jobs = ❤️

Tell the Qld coalminers. Clean jobs. Future orientated.

Yes! Let's make Australia a leader in renewable energy.

Good to hear. Creates more jobs too. Hope you are all reading Ross Garnaut.

Let’s do it.

Sounds good but most of the so-called jobs would go to non OZZY'S

ABSOLUTELY AGREE Charles Cuninghame

Don’t tell Joel ‘Coal’ Fitzgibbon.

Contradiction in terms. Until Labor wake up about coal you will not win the next election. You are agreeing to give our precious water away to greedy miners who will put nothing back into the Australian economy. I bet you do not even have a policy to make them pay the correct amount of tax or a policy to stop fuel subsidies. Adani will go fully automatic and that will mean less jobs in the industry.

Just put out the fires, pay all firefighters, give the farmers water without charge, raise New start and Aged Pension and get rid of Parliament food allowances of $181 per day, get rid of Parliamentary pensions - they earn enough. If this isn't done, I'm telling you, you're in for a revolution against Parliament. Things cannot go on as they have.

As far as the Future is concerned this Coalition Government has the Vision of Blind Cave Fish !

AND Eddie Obeid is out off jail on parole. Send him an ALDI bag with some Union Goodies in it and some Chinese Goodies as well..Oh look, Another ex-Labor minister Milton Orkopoulos is to be released after 12 YEARS JAIL for CHILD SEX OFFENCES...Looks like Labor hasn't been worried about doing the job they were voted for...And you're no different Marles, you're just as pathetic as them..

You can speak about Labor will do as much as you like. What you are not saying is shutting down the Fossile Fuel as soon as we can.

Well don’t bring in Overseas labor to do it like both sides of politics did with the mining and LNG boom. That was a disgrace when I knew qualified tradesmen and experienced that were sitting at home. So called temporary work visas need to end and time to train up young Aussie kids and from your own constituency Richard Marles. Be the difference for the future of our young generation. We need the LNP gone and Labor 2.0 to make a difference

50% renewables at the expense of 100 0f thousand jobs and when the sun don't shine and the wind doesn't blow nothing and if you end coal how do they make wind turbines and solar panels voted for you mob for 40yrs until this year's election thank God I finally found the light

Bring it on Richard! Not many of us object to your grandiose ideas. Pity it’s only political talk and no action as usual. You lot get into politics with only one thing in mind and that is to fill your own pockets at a cost to the economy and everyone else. If you can’t use your position as a citizen and elected representative for the people please stop posting crap.

A FJG would eliminate unemployment, sounds like a better deal to me. Employing our greatest resources, how cool is that! C'mon you guys your suppose to be for the workers, move to the left that where we are and always will be, the center is not workers center is a neolibralistic view. Now that's a policy to believe in, how you going to pay for it, the same way you have paid for everything else. PARLIAMENT!

You will be criticised for the idea, along with questions about how you will make it happen and pay for it. But one thing is certain: if the government doesn’t have the initial vision and support the idea, then we will cement ourselves as the the ‘country of fossil fuel dinosaurs’. We will be left holding coal that no one wants.

This government doesn’t want lots of jobs for people, they want less jobs for more people therefore employers don’t have to pay higher wages and profits will rise with all the FTAs they are making which don’t seem to do any good for us..the people.

Only if Hydrogen is not created through use of methane coal; don't create a myth if you are promoting the old polluting technology. www.telegraph.co.uk/china-watch/technology/hydrogen-from-water-clean-energy/

But the labor and Greens redistribute our industry to China— they have to make up their minds!

Beautiful and incorrigible words! But will it have happen? My guess is never! Today politicians to sell everything and create nothing, the very rich pay no tax and the poor gets big tax and cuts in benefits

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2 days ago

Richard Marles MP

Gough Whitlam sums up the importance of education perfectly. ... See MoreSee Less

Gough Whitlam sums up the importance of education perfectly.

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Unfortunately, people today in government with vision are scarce on the ground. We are still benefiting from the vision of this wonderful leader. Yes, there were problems with funding all of the plans of his government, however, this has faded into obscurity compared to what was achieved in such a short time. We must not let his vision for Australia disappear and stop listening to the spin from the crop of salespeople in government today. We want leaders, not salespeople.

My wonderful wife was forced to leave school at age 15 due to lack of funds. She went to Uni under Coughs program and gained a Master of Arts and started a succsessful Consulting Business. Bless you Tough.

So true. Thank you Gough. Education changed the course of my life .

Three friends of mine gained admission to University as mature aged students and went on to have worthwhile careers. They would never have been able to do this without Gough making University attendance free of charge.

A truly visionary politician. Wish we had the likes of him now.

Agree. Wish we had more politicians like Gough.

I was teaching when he came to power and it was the first time we saw the profession respected and the schools supported with adequate funding. The next lot refused to give money to clean the school windows!

And when it takes 4 or five times as much, to educate a private school pupil.

Education is important but so are local jobs , Goughs labor implimented the lima agreement which destroyed entire industries.

education is inportant more so than travelling the world.

Education enriches us personally and as a country

Absolutely agree

None greater!

Great man

A man of vision.

RIP Gough great Australian

One of the best.

So true

So very true

Take back the farm, NOW !

So true What a legend

Thanks Gough.

So very true

Loved Gough, a true hero to the people x


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