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Representing the people of the Geelong, Bellarine and Lara areas as the Member for Corio is the greatest honour of my working life.

As your local Federal MP, I want to be a strong voice fighting for a positive future for the Geelong region, and to do my job effectively I need to hear what matters to you and your family.

If I can help you with a Federal matter, please contact me.

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7 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

The Morrison governments neglect of our aged care homes is a national tragedy - But if you watch to the end, we can fix this together. ... See MoreSee Less

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To late, mums dead, she died last Friday.

It's really sad to hear . I think the government should do more for the older generation. Cut out all the red tape These people had worked so hard in their life time and can't enjoy their Life at retirement. It really sucks!!!!! The whole system for aged care is a failure.

This is pathetic. Where is humanity? Further loss to the aged is to be stopped. Dont play with the sufferers. Sco Mo govt. act now.

Take back control of aged care homes and employ Australians with proper working with aged and police checks. They have to have these to work on aged clients properties why not in house

They were warned,defunded,did nothing...they just don’t care ask Abbott

There are very few, if any, public nursing homes they are all privately owned and it costs a fortune to get a place in one and the ongoing fortnightly costs are high. It is owners of the nursing homes who are paid the money NOT the government, - whether it is state or federal - and they must be held accountable for what goes on in their businesses, the same as any other employer

My mum died 3 weeks ago all alone and not understanding why her daughters had abandoned her! I can guarantee she died of a broken heart, look it up it’s a real syndrome. I could not say mum I’m here for you but only by phone, but she didn’t understand.

And you would do no bette rwhy didnt your buddy Dan pick it up before covid then he is the premier

Morrison an his aged care minister have blood on their hands. These are your parents and grandparents struggling to survive. If they can't do their jobs an be accountable they should resign. These are the barstards that stopped the Australian aged pensioners pay rise.

Unfortunately too late for many, but what's important to remember is: it was a liberal coalition government that allowed this to happen. So, it's their fault people have died. Still waiting on you, Albo, to do more than just talk about what needs to be done to make sure this doesn't continue.

My Mum needs surgery Took scsred to go LRH is a mess when locald srrvtoo scared to go Due to COVID we cannot support our Mum We have to leave her on her own They had a near miss with my brother in law only outside influence got him to Melbourne

And just what would you do, Pusnuts?

Blame everybody but Andrews

Labor had plenty time to fix it , just never happened under LNP . Short memories as always

What about the Victorian Labour Government ???

There is a few monsters that should be drop kick out off parliament if they a held accountable fore there actions we would get better politicians

Go fix it Albo stop talking fix it !

Why don’t you have a strong word to Victorian Labor tell them to get out of there jobs if they can’t remember a thing about the biggest pandemic world wide they don’t take minutes or notes if they have such bad memories they should not be Trying to run the state obviously they never watched the news when the people that were in the hotels were complaining about security how stupid do you think Victorians are the we know nothing BS is turning rusted on Labor voters off they are taking money to shuffle papers because the never checked that the job was being carried out properly the kicker here is the 11 percent pay rise that they received for what ?????? FYI Andrews is not going to eliminate the virus we have to learn to live safely with it until we get a vaccine so done with Labor and LNP all speak BS

Both Scomo AND Dan Andrews are to blame for this.. Its a disgrace. The oldies of society being treated with such disrepect. Makes my blood boil.

Tomorrow Dan Andrews will front the Commission, thus Federal Government will be hanging out to nail him, over the Hotel Security scenario. It is absolutely transparent, reprehensible, if it was a wrong move to employ Private Security, it is regrettable,not a hanging offence, whereas, what is happening to Aged Care is a disgrace, an avoidable , foreseeable crime, that should carry penalties to compensate for all those who died of sheer neglect, a failure of oversight by Government towards the elderly in their care.They are liable in my analysis. There is no case of an equivalent liability towards Victorian Government, this Hotel’s Security needs a thorough explanation. I’m not excusing it. It is undoubtedly going to carry a political cost, to have had insight into the failure there, wasn’t possible. (It is not the Duty of Defence to be Security for a Quarantine Station) the task of requiring those in quarantine to obey isolation conditions should have been within the foreseeable bounds of ordinary responsible Security Guards.Standards for Aged Care Facilities have had a litany of failure,proven over many years of inquiry into them. If I and others have continued to repeat this assertion, it is because it is falling on deaf ears otherwise.

And she was a life member of the ALP party and not one of you tossers, representing her at her funeral.

Why Don’t You Go To Melbourne To Save the People From your Party’s China Dictator DAN Surely You will be Last in my list to vote Labor Dictators Removing Freedoms from people’s lives Destroying lives LABOR DICTATORS!!!


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10 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

Facts Matter -

The Australian Academy of Science's bushfire expert brief (which i'll leave in the comments section) has been complied to focus on the impact bushfires have on our physical and mental health.

Exposure to bushfire smoke can increase mortality and hospital admissions. In one study, researchers estimated that during the 2019–20 bushfires, exposure to bushfire smoke in Australia resulted in over 1100 hospitalisations for cardiovascular problems.

The government must act now and prevent a repeat of the last bushfire season happening in the future.
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Facts Matter -

The Australian Academy of Sciences bushfire expert brief (which ill leave in the comments section) has been complied to focus on the impact bushfires have on our physical and mental health.

Exposure to bushfire smoke can increase mortality and hospital admissions. In one study, researchers estimated that during the 2019–20 bushfires, exposure to bushfire smoke in Australia resulted in over 1100 hospitalisations for cardiovascular problems.

The government must act now and prevent a repeat of the last bushfire season happening in the future.

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What about the anxiety of not knowing where the next fire outbreak would be

And asthma and other breathing concerns!

Prepare for another round this season, because nothing's changed.

And that's the reason why Morrison claimed to have saved Australia from Covid-19 when the bushfires locked down tourism, while he ran to Hawaii to save his kids from inhaling the smoke, while many schools had to keep their kids away, while the School lights were left to flash, with no kids at school and no school-time traffic, and the cameras picked up cash from "NO SCHOOL ZONES" as motorists were robbed on "Ghost School Zones".

Reckon in still getting over the effects to my lungs + my wife and kids.Has fucked us all

Why is more burning done in the winter and cattle brought back to the high country ?

Even 8-9months after the bushfires we still have debris not only washing up on to the beach but there is still quite a lot floating in the water!! Even shells are black, not as many coloured ones as in past years.😥

My father passed away as a result of the bush fires

We’ll burn off in winter

And who knows the long-term effects

How much of the promised money has reached these people?

I bet there'll be a few morons in the comment section getting the shits with this. "Bushfire expert my arse. The PM said everything is fine, so that's what I choose to believe." You know, that kind of moron.

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10 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

When it comes to helping Australians stuck overseas Scott Morrison is doing nothing and when it comes to our internal borders, the Prime Minister has completely vacated the field. ... See MoreSee Less

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Get in and fix it Richard maybe it's you that's the problem !

Is anyone really surprised the PM is clueless and non reactive over this. He and his Ministers have been found wanting daily, and have decided they are responsible for nothing. They wipe their hands of any of the injustices they have been found to oversee, with no ensuing consequences from any appropriate authorities.

Marles for Prime Minister I'm backing you all the way Richard.👍

Those stranded should remember this at election time.

tax cuts are worthless if you got no job

Just a useless bible basher is our Scotty from the markets

Christmas island or an outback town. Coomon sense

Should have come home when told too, no sympathy

Ossies stuck o/s? Why is any govt to blame?? Arent they grown ups?

Or just don’t go over seas like you were asked not to

Personally why should he do anything they choose to go even after being warned. They were selfish so cop it.

Matt Olsen

Howard was as big a criminal and as useless as scuntmo

But the Warriors can come over from NZ to play games, but other Kiwis can’t come over for funerals, where’s the fairness in that

germany treated her people right..


i guess julian assage being thrown to the dogs for releasing the truth about the yanks is not on yr agenda to help him in any way

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15 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

It’s always someone else’s fault.

This is the Minister who’s job it was to oversee the department that spent $30 million for a Liberal Party donors property valued at $3 million.
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There’s no stopping this government they’ll ride the gravy train to the end

Another reason why WE need a federal ICAC. What's to say the vendor ( Lib donor ) as part of the deal, donates a sum back to the LNP coffers as part of a kick back. Who is to know. Another sham deal going down. Where is the value for tax payers dollars we keep hearing about. Get into them Richard.

The Minister is ultimately responsible,end of story.

Not again. How much more trouble can this man get into. So incompetent like Morrison and many of his ministers. Bottom of the barrel!

Just add this story to the Book of Rorts. We are now in volume two. Awaiting editing by a yet to be established Federal ICAC and the way that's going the books in the mean time will be sold as fiction instead. :)

Paul fletcher no one is above the law including you. And let's not forget the bloke doing the interview Rowland is a strong liberal party supporter👎👎

Further proof positive the Cohort of COALition Cowards don’t do ethical behaviour or standards! They create circumstances which are generally abysmal, repugnant or shameful, then when the worm inevitably turns & things go awry, hey presto, it’s always the fault of others! All fully funded by the duped taxpayers! True cowards to the core! 👁🐀💩🤢🤮

This is just another shonky rort........ WHEN WILL THEY STOP!

When is this Gov't going to have an ROYAL COMMISSION on themselves, as it seems there is too much of the Nations's Taxpayers money been abused and there is so much CORRUPTION that needs to be adhered too, yet there is nothing done about it .. ??? Bet if the Taxpayers said we are not paying any more tax, the Gov't would look into it ASAP...?????

They are all complicit Not one could lie straight in bed Never in the history of federation have we had so much fraudulent activity involving one government

If it wasn't so incredibly incompitent and smelling of possible corruption. I'd probably laugh. But no..it's far from funny.

This bloke is learning from Scotty none of it is his fault.

Well I for one dont believe him As if he didn’t know. Such a huge amount of money way above the lands real worth ! It’s a disgrace to be giving them such a large sum $300M as against $30M. It’s obscene. Something must be done about it. And they can’t even give a tiny raise to Pensioners

Always blame the Department!? Goes way back to when Howard undermined the Public Service! Look up the word CORRUPT in the dictionary— it’ll say —“refer ALL Australian Governments”!

The slogan that "We are all in this together" truely belongs to the LNP.

The LNP have scapegoating down to a fine art.

No they know nothing, when it concerns them, anywhere else they would be sacked, inept bunch of liars

That money would have been very handy for Victorian traders in the pandemic!

He will just run off with his millions. Wonder what the commission was?

The most PROFICIENT BUNCH OF LIARS AUSTRALIA HAS EVER ELECTED. I do hope that an investigation is launched into whose pockets this $30 Million finished up in.

It beggars belief! This fool blamed a miscalculation by a junior secretary. Is a minister just a rubber stamp? What a disgrace this government is, one after another the ministers demonstrate a lack of accountability! Maybe the recipient of the indecent overpayment should give some of the TAXPAYERS’ money back!

Look out,”Your pants are on fire.” If the price wasn’t on the brief ( for whatever strange reason) then you as a Minister of the Government should have most certainly asked for it. You have admitted that you are incompetent of carrying out your job satisfactorily. You should be sacked.

System should change to have a second minister agree to such purchases or preferably an independent check somehow.

The liberal party are full of blatant liars not only are they corrupt incompetent and arrogant they think we are all stupid it starts from the Prime Minister and goes all the way down the ladder. One would think that Australians are starting to wake up

So it's in effect, don't blame me, blame the tea lady...she decided 30 mil was fair......

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17 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

The 14-day rolling average for Melbourne is now down to 26.7 and in regional Victoria it remains steady at 1.1. ... See MoreSee Less

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Well done, you Victorians!

❤️ Dan the Man with a plan! Dan for PM! ❤️

Follow rules and live with the laws, a human being with commonsense and conscience to make any place safe and secure. No problems and troubles to solve. GBUA

I reckon a Hawaii holiday for the Andrews family, at taxpayers expense when this is all over,.....If ever.

WHEN can we play golf ?

No doubt more lies and anyone that believes his the man. You’s truly need help.

What is terrifying is Australia has so many in denial non thinking "Trumpers". Seems by their constant posts they would rather have their so called freedom than life.

Please please Richard, speak to the powers about Real Estate opening back up! I’m talking private inspections in vacant properties being allowed to take place, so that landlords who have lost tenants during this pandemic can try to fill that space! There is absolutely no reason why this should not be occurring even now!


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