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Representing the people of the Geelong, Bellarine and Lara areas as the Member for Corio is the greatest honour of my working life.

As your local Federal MP, I want to be a strong voice fighting for a positive future for the Geelong region, and to do my job effectively I need to hear what matters to you and your family.

If I can help you with a Federal matter, please contact me.

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1 hour ago

Richard Marles MP

This is simple - Aged care is a Federal Government responsibility.

But Scott Morrison and the Aged Care Minister Richard Colbeck have failed in their duty to protect older Australians.
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This is simple - Aged care is a Federal Government responsibility. 

But Scott Morrison and the Aged Care Minister Richard Colbeck have failed in their duty to protect older Australians.

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Richard Marles MP please explain how the labour party will deal with Aged care if you are elected. I am a aged care worker I have seen what happens and what needs fixing. So what will you do different?

He has demonstrated many times over that he feels, he is not responsible!!! It is his RESPONSIBILITY!!!! How can a whole party shirk their responsibilities, this is craziness.

The abysmal standard of infection control in the private aged care system, makes me wonder how many deaths of influenza were preventable.

This is a good point he is not responsible. Now we have this cleared up it might be a good time to resign because the aged care minister really should be a responsible person or at least not a minister who can't provide or regulate basic adequate care or standards even when there isn't a crisis.

Nor should he. It's the Victorian government who should feel responsible

Of course you don't. It was your privatised aged care system that was responsible.

Do any of Grotty’s ministers ever act or feel responsible?

685 have died in age care homes, 9 in state run homes! The difference? People acting responsibly!

I don't feel that morrison needs to feel personally responsible but, by comparison, Dan chose to act with great responsibility and that makes Dan outstanding!

You are personally responsible... his actions and summo actions are enough for instant dismissal!!! THIS GOVERNMENT MUST GGGGGOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A monster of incompetence and cowardice.

Well every single person who voted for this dumb government back in may has blood on their hands as well do the government and because they dam knew what the government was like when Malcolm turnbul was in government and shame on them for voting back in the coalition government elections

Apparently the buck stops well below the person with responsibility. Seems to be the way this governments cabinet carries out its duties to the electorate. Poor bus driver..so many bodies underneath and so few of them deserved to get thrown under the front wheels. While the ministers wander happily along the footpath to catch the gravy train instead.

Your absolutely one hundred percent responsible !

The disrespect and arrogance of this man is palpable. How on earth can he and the rest of the Morrison lot think this is ok?? Disgraceful

I now realise that the P in LNP means pathetic.

Well you should! Not enough PPE provided added to the number of deaths, ON YOUR WATCH!

Of course he doesn’t feel any responsibility. None of them do. They certainly don’t care about the Australian people, just their precious overblown pensions and how much they can get while their snouts are in the trough.

They have failed. Totally failed. But until now i wasnt even aware that it was a federal government responsibility. I think it should be in state hands like hospitals and schools. Maybe then a closer eye can be kept on it so elderly people who have worked all their lives can be put out to a nice green pasture not sent to the nakkers like in Animal Farm

No empathy, just like the PM.

A pandemic plan & adequate staffing level would have helped, Where were you when you were needed?

He is in the wrong job , just like Morrison.


He should feel responsible, it's his job.

May I say..FUCKING CRIMINAL!! He should be held responsible for inefficient & ineffectual management that resulted in the deaths of his charges.

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6 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

Our nations Prime Minister at work.

Can you believe this? If everyday Australians showed this much disinterest in their job they’d be given marching orders.
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Our nations Prime Minister at work.

Can you believe this? If everyday Australians showed this much disinterest in their job they’d be given marching orders.

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This shows a complete lack of manners.........looks like a preschool playtime!

Their behaviour isn't very honourable by the Honourable ministers.

I have watched the pollies ea afternoon for years when the libs speak the labour turn there backs & visa versa so nothing will change.

I visited Parliament and was so disgusted with their behaviour-I was told that all is decided behind closed doors and it is all done for the camera 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

That is just plain rude. I take it his mother sid not teach him manners. Wonder if it is ok for his kids to do this.

Not shocked as the man is completely ignorant and forgets he and his fellow politicians are supposed to be examples to our young people, what do these actions and behaviours say

Rudeness in the extreme - a very poor example in behaviour. Absolute lack of respect

It is a disgraceful look, they have no respect for anyone, other than their own ego's.

Behaviour you'd expect from insolent teenagers, not the leaders of our country.

Not a good look on many levels. He managed to exclude the Opposition from participating in Question Time for moths. And now not only turns his back on them, but gets on his mobile - as do others on that side of the chamber. Sheer arrogance!. Mobile phones should definitely be banned.

Speaking to an empty disinterested chamber is part of the process. Nobody listens, nobody considers and nobody cares. We can only hope that parliamentary committees function as they should. Is our system broken or have we elected disinterested politicians to represent us?

Actually, it’s what I do whenever he’s on the TV Oh, yes ok I turn the sound off as well!!!

Maybe they should be like kids at school who have to put their phones in the office before they go into their classes so they can concentrate on school work .

Showing the comptemp they feel for the Australian people. Very blatant!!

I don’t think anybody should have access to a mobile phone during any parliamentary session or meeting. If someone needs to contact them, they can be disturbed quietly and exit the room. This is bad manners, disrespectful and shows contempt. 😪

I am beginning as a teacher next year. One of the battles schools and teachers have is mobile phones in class. Students see this and think if it's ok for them it's ok for us.

The speaker should have addressed this problem and didn't he's obviously one of Morrison's lakies ,,so disrespectful

Insulting to the Australian people, shows the contempt they feel for their office.

He’s just dreaming of another Hawaiian holiday...but he might wait until bushfire season.

Wtf this is what their payed to do !wake up Australia and vote these slackers out of our lives.😡🤮😤

Rude beyond belief! They should be made to leave their phones in a locker like school children!😡

Obviously only interested in their own high-powered blurb!

Phones should be banned in a parliament sitting like they are in schools. Nothing is so important and the speaker should insist. Oh I forgot he is one of there’s so he won’t do anything. It certainly isn’t a good look for visitors to the chamber, how can they debate each other when they aren’t even listening.

Shame on the chairperson to allow this to happen .

Little school boys wearing suites & pretending to be important & playing with their little toys! I think they are in need of a child care in parliament!

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19 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

The lowlights this week from Australia’s worst real life sitcom. ... See MoreSee Less

The lowlights this week from Australia’s worst real life sitcom.

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You left out the 30 million land sale for the airport rort

Long time supporter mate but am disturbed to be told that ALP Feds voted to accept donations from band doners at state level that could be past back to the party at state level can you explain this thanks

This makes me so sad if the people of Australia don’t do something soon, I’m worried for the future of our grandchildren, where will it end with evil people like our present government welding power with no thought for the people they are governing.😢😢

It is amazing that this government whom relies on the quiet Australians is no longer hearing even the loud Australians and ignoring the whispers we deserve better Australians

Under Labour, the AAT was stacked with YOUR mates, Richard. So what's different?!?

He has to thank and support Palmer as without him picking the 3% of votes plus all the rorts and scandals Scomo would t have been in power and prancing like a peacock

That was just Monday's contribution, and does not include the State Liberal corrupt management.

So many to choose from. It’s easy to miss one that’s been swept under the carpet 😂😂😱😱

Yes how much went into scomo mates pockets I will tell you 27.million dollars of hard working tax payers money.

You can’t expect those lower down the pecking order to do the right thing when they see the sort of blatant misuse of tax payers money that your “LNP “mob get away with. The right thing to do is lead by example. Managed to find the time and funds to have the unions investigated. That turned out to be another waste of money but then that was always part of LNP DNA.

Richard Marles MP, I would like you to tell me of one good thing that the Australian Labor Party has done for Australians and for Australia ever since the traitors started to destroy us. Since the disappearance of Harold Holt, which was a Leftist, Communist, attack on Australia you have all been traitors to the Australian families and in particular the Public School Children. Jus tell me of one good thing that you have done for Australia.

There is a lot more they just move the particular mps around into other higher paid jobs and of course media coverage of the virus covid that's much bigger to hide behind than drought floods and fires they the libs Scomo getting away with murder. Fires and floods homes destroyed lack of communication and funds and insurances and charity in the thousands from the people.people families desperate drought farmers walking of the land or commiting suicide because the govt not listening doesn't help. Money for big business but not for the food bowl dairy farmers also pushed to the brink by big supermarkets it's a no win situation for the ordinary man or woman on the land or worker doing it tough because the business closed down or went broke because of Covid does the govt care the feds are cosy with their pays they froze the age pension we get 2 rises a year if married between $6-10 a fortnight we have to wait up to 6 or 8 weeks for that rise we below the poverty line yet we the o es he froze Scomo calls himself a Christian PM he is that in word only

Preying on the less fortunate has no value..

I have a small company the money been received was nearly all taken back in BAS

This scumo was to give every working family in Australia money , example 25 million Australian a million each would be cheaper than what this twit is doing now and it would be put back in the community

Scomo is lucky. Johan De Witt was dismembered and eaten for a lot less.

No wonder they don't want any Federal scrutiny and investigations. That list is only what we know about.

LNP voters! Listen up!

Morrison is not PM material at all. He cannot manage anything, and least of all himself. Where have all the statesmen gone? .... in the ilk of Keating, Whitlam etc. Think back through the last few.... Abbott, Howard, Turnbull, Rudd, Gillard. TBH Julia was more gutsy than all of them, but why would any woman put their hand up for the job when they'll be screwed by their own party. Australian politics is in a very sad state. Let's face it the LNP would not be in power now if they hadn't sold their soul to the Palmer buffoon


No interest in an ICAC nor a Centre For Disease Control. I'm up for another election at this rate of one scandal after another. However, moving to New Zealand once borders reopen to set up a film production company as I can't see the point here in Australia as there are no opportunities here & above all, I can't handle Job Active anymore as all they do is book the next appointment with little or no matching as the bullying is too stressful & causes unnecessary anxiety. All we get with Liberal's is endless bickering about borders & delaying tactics & bush fire homes are yet to be built but Morrison's mob have enough money to buy an airport grubby land deal for 30 million bucks? Something smells bad in the Liberal party. Can we please have an early election? *forgive the ranting observational tangents*.

Who voted liberal 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Brothers in crime

When are we going to see Barnabys drought report, cost a bit over $600,000.

It's the same lowlifes we've had for 18 months.

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22 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

Scott Morrison’s got time to strike a pose up for the media photographers - but not to strike up a federal ICAC.

Does anyone think this blokes interested in accountability?
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Scott Morrison’s got time to strike a pose up for the media photographers - but not to strike up a federal ICAC.

Does anyone think this blokes interested in accountability?

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Always looking for the cameras. Surprise, they just happened to be there.

We dont see who did the majority of the work on the coupe.. he is just putting the nail in the coffin for a media grab

Well his A.G. Christian Porters grandfather was in the bjelke petsersen government.

Why does he have to be accountable for. He’s getting a free ride of the backs of hard working Australians. Him and his rich mates are a big rort to the Australian people. All I can say is it’s going to be one big mess to clean up at the end of his sitting. He doesn’t deserve the money given to him by the Australian people after he is finished. I’m sure he will be accountable for that making sure he gets his money. I hope something gets done soon. Start looking out for the Australian people or you and your travelling circus will be out on your ear.

Looks like we need a true handyman... the ones that can juggle multiple tasks to set up the #FederalICACurgentlyrequired

The #LNPCrimefamily will never agree to a Federal ICAC because they are complicent in so many crimes

He know he would be out on his ear if he established a Federal ICAC

They won’t create ICAC far too much to fear.

There are 2 tools in this picture but only one actually works 😁

You guys overestimated green influence in QLD we want jobs up here it's our main priority don't forget that next ELECTION

I can't look at him and not think of Trump. Both are super fabulous in their own opinion

He has the right tool he is screwing the country how did we get to this there is more corruption coming out every day wake up Australia.

No busy for a photo shoot an his LNP party government bullshit. Federal ICAC needed immediately. The Australian people demand it to keep the barstards honest.

He didn't build it. he got his mate to build that and the cubby house. that his kids can not even fit into it.

Only an honest person would set up an ICAC. Can’t do it yet, he might get caught out.

Who has a camera man in there back yard. Do some work for our country instead of all your lying.😡😡😡

Absolutely a dud of a prime minister. Grub 😡

So Sco Mo is expanding his portfolio from Minister for Thoughts and Prayers, Minister for Broken Promises to now include Minister for Photo Opportunities. He's a very busy man 🤔

Yes, they are legends in their own minds!

I dont believe he has ever built anything either the people from the block his good mate Scott the grott

No, too many skeletons. If our country had an effective, independent ICAC, there would be no representatives left in the LNP to form government.

Too busy ripping off the public purse. Makes pirates & Joh Bjeike-peterson look like angels. Corrupt is an understatement

Why would anyone have a camera person in their yard

He has never heard of accountability...........

He's always posing for a photo with a smirk a camera seems to be just waiting to get the right pics

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