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Representing the people of the Geelong, Bellarine and Lara areas as the Member for Corio is the greatest honour of my working life.

As your local Federal MP, I want to be a strong voice fighting for a positive future for the Geelong region, and to do my job effectively I need to hear what matters to you and your family.

If I can help you with a Federal matter, please contact me.

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Richard Marles

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3 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

Too many people have been let down and left behind by this Government.

But it’s not to late for all of them, the government can still extend help to many Australian’s but time is running out.
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Too many people have been let down and left behind by this Government. 

But it’s not to late for all of them, the government can still extend help to many Australian’s but time is running out.

Comment on Facebook Too many people have...

I have less hair than you but a greater capacity and empathy to understand what people need. The homeless need an affordable place to live. The poor need enough to pay for food and basic needs. People need and in most cases want a job. You can treat us like children, you can treat us like fools. But we are not fools and even children know what is "wrong". Keep your $25,000 with conditions and just go away.

Hang on, how can the virus be blamed? The figures wouldn’t have been calculated yet, would they? He mentions March’s quarters and that was at the very beginning of any effect the virus could have on the economy. Are we being prepared for much worse to come - a depression?

Government have the power to stimulate the economy. We all know the rich mining sector is not going to give up any of their wealth - tax deductible charity does not create jobs it keeps the poor as slaves with no quality of life.

The only once in a hundred years event, is not the covid virus, it is that we have such a bunch of clapped out there cretins in charge.! Probably revealing their private education, possibly religious based. We should have a look at the brain washing that goes on in them. We have enough of these organisations stealing from the poor. We do not need, or want these families, generation after generation, sucking the life blood out of the Australian people. Time to make these organisations HELP the poor and less fortunate, like they always preach about.

I am praying to God that they call a early election then Australians people can throw this spineless and cowards and gutless government out

Well we were already in trouble before Covid struck spending was down big time Because people are not getting wage growth and were underemployed then penalty rates were attached and Scomo says spend well people if you do not have money you can not spend simple !

Well hallelujah, the Australian treasurer has finally realised what the rest of us knew 6months ago, and goodness me, he has twigged the June Quarter will be worse. What a wonder boy! The penny has finally dropped😂

Retail businesses were dropping like flies in a cloud of Mortein last year and the virus wasn't even known to exist then. The signs were there but you just ignored it and kept telling everyone the economy was strong even in March this year. Totally incompetent fools steering the ship.

Now blaming covid for there stuff up they relise now this inept government can't continue to blame labour now is the time the governor General disolve this gov

If we are in a recession then it is the government's fault because they are greedy and not putting the people first

Then goes out for a nice bottle of wine.dinner payed buy us probably 200 dollars.good being a politician.my job is safe ha ha Australians

The words of a lazy man who has no intention of working the way out from this, only solution? Sack it and all who is with it.

Quick get in for your wealthy Mates forget about thoes left on the street Poor who need housing n bugger the aboriginals they got poor housing years ago You

Can you imagine the mess we would have been in if Labour was in? They would have really stuffed Australia up the morons.

We all could see this coming so what is the government putting in place or are the most vulnerable going to be over taxed and the multinational companies that pay 0 tax still pay nothing

We’ve been in a recession per capita since March 2019, now trying to blame Covid. Typical. At least it’s not Labor for once. If we’d had a healthy economy, which we didn’t, the repercussions of Covid & Fires would not be as bad.

How are citizens to be stimulated to improve the economy when the standard displayed by Morrison and cohorts is tough acting, weak, sychophantic, retrograde and harmfully offensive to the majority?

50 Lygon St shops were for lease in December. How is that Covid? Same in Prahran, South Yarra, Collingwood and every High St in Melb. Also Elizabeth Bay, Surry Hills, Woolahra etc.

How good is the lnp at money management!

so he calls himself a treasurer,funny little man.

We need a third major party and abolish preference votes.what a rought they are.we need to vote alternatively to show that we are not at all pleased with both labour and liberal.

He was definitely standing behind the door when they handed out brains.

It would be big surprise if you and Morrison could just listen to the people who know what they are talking about you just might learn something worth doing .

You can say that.what about dental care,they have disregarded this. This is our HEALTH.

would not have to be very bright to work that out i expect that would fit for the bloke that stated it

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8 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

The Australian economy barely had a heartbeat before we got into the COVID-19 crisis.

Scott Morrison was presiding over an economy in which he had doubled the debt, it had anaemic growth and unemployment was rife.
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We have a massive fight ahead of Australia very saddened to see our best in the world country falling to bits ...but ..it can and will with the will of the great Australians forge ahead again

What more need to happen for people to realise that liberals, all the members of this party, need to be made accountable for what they done. It's time politicians be stripped off the parliamentary privileges. What makes them be above the law? If something goes wrong - "they only humans". When there is something to brag about it's - "how good I am".

Paying Scott Cam $360,000 a year to fix Tafe after the govt took $3billion in funding away. Clueless and useless is the LNP.

If Morrison had doubled the debt as you say then the obvious should be the private sector (the people), should have a Surplus, on that point just where was he spending or issuing the dollars to say he doubled the debt, it sure as hell didn't land in our hands. Until you guys understand deficit and surplus, you will never balance the economy. PURE LOGIC. Prove me wrong!

Keep it up Richard, we need to rid ourselves of this cancer that is the LNP, you had the backbone to come to Central QLD after the last election and face the members to apologise for comments you made, not many pollies would do that.

But then u have msm backing them up and telling 1 and all how marvellous they,re doingMurdoch at work!

They will find a way to blame Labor

Labour is a UK party LABOR is Australian

2 yrs ago the res bank told libs they were flattening our economy this is not new

True and correct

Richard...thanks for FIGHTING against Morrison and his cronies. You give us...Labor supporters HOPE for the future!

Richard any chance I mean any chance of reviewing our conversation about the possibility of setting up a Medicare office on the Bellarine Peninsula? I mean you were extremely positive towards this idea a while ago?

Dont know why he is spruicking this crap labour has plunged the country into massive debt every time they have been in.

Well thats not going to happen because our states have control divide and conquer!

Best part, he can't blame Labor.

Well we are the laughing stock of the planet in respect to how many foreigners know about our PM’s past employment record, with some mentioning how it goes back to our Pom convict heritage!

they are in government by default and we need to highlight their deficiencies to counteract their properganda and what appears as gifts

What I want to hear is policy Does Labor support a Ministry Of Manufacturing? For example?

The States Been playing Safe NSW& VICTORIA THE WORST. Only now it's getting Better. Other States on the Move Now

Exactly we were going down anyway with the stupid ideas like Trickle down”. For a start cut the ridiculous Franking credits.

Massive dept has come from the Liberal mismanagement. Voters believe the lies and hang on to misconceptions. How many millions have been thrown away on mistreatment of refugees, outdated submarines and aircraft. Money wasted as the nation burns. In politics we get what we are foolish enough to vote for.

Yes, to all that.

Blatent liars Scummo

It beggars belief that the PM (Scumo) could come through the channels of power within the LNP network from a point of dismissal from NZ for missing money, sacked from two other positions within the LNP in Australia over missing money. My personal conclusion is that Scumo must be a CON MAN of the highest degree. Whilst resided over the Australian economy he doubling the deb before the recent crises, has alienated so many of his own people as well as overseas countries with his lies, heavy handed approach and bully tactics. Some of the things he has done are, given billions of dollars to his mates in mining and corporates, whilst cutting spending on vegetation management, cut spending on health, cut spending on education, cut spending on NDIS, cut spending on the housing industry, cut spending on agricultural science and the list goes on. During the latest incidence, bush fires he did not order the bomber air craft when asked for them by the fire authorities, he acted to late for drought stricken farmer, he has resided over the wholesale sale of Australia's major water source, he acted to late with help for the flood victims in Queensland, he acted late on the response over Covid-19, all because he wanted to deliver an imaginary surplus. I ask you Richard and the ALP do not let this current government off the hook and get your stories out to as many news outlets as possible because Fox and Murdoch will cook the stories in all forms to make this mob look good. Especially now the Scumo is making Trump style announcements like, money for hospitals, money for housing, money for renewables, this is money that he has been rabbiting on about we haven't had for years. He is a liar, his is a Con Man

You can never trust the LNP. Never.

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23 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

It is never too late to honour heroism.

There are serious questions which remain unanswered over the Prime Minister’s intervention in over-ruling the independent tribunal’s unanimous recommendation and denying Teddy the honour he deserves.

It’s clear the Prime Minister needs to reverse this decision and award Teddy Sheean the Victoria Cross he deserves.
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It is never too late to honour heroism.
There are serious questions which remain unanswered over the Prime Minister’s intervention in over-ruling the independent tribunal’s unanimous recommendation and denying Teddy the honour he deserves.
It’s clear the Prime Minister needs to reverse this decision and award Teddy Sheean the Victoria Cross he deserves.

Comment on Facebook It is never too late...


Sorry john its your response to this that shows what sort of person you are he is making a statement many of us have made your just a hypocrite

It should have been done years ago!

I cant stand the ABC BUT I do agree with that.

I agree.!

the chinese labour party could have awarded the Cross when it was in power, just more shit stirring by the chinese labour party.


PM Morrison would not no any heroics ,What has he done, he did not show any Heart during the bush fires, but stoped Teddy Sheeman from getting his just deserved a posthumous Victoria Cross,an award not to many are awarded with. So why did our PM deny it to him. Jealousy perhaps.

Yes, I too am at a loss to understand the top level of Government's decision to veto this Posthumous VC. I honestly find the decision to go against ALL the experts totally baffling. And the reasoning given is very poor indeed and makes NO SENSE AT ALL.

i thought scomo was supposedly a christian did he serve in any of our later wars saw service at all then if not how does he define"2 classes if awarded" i think he is a tyrannical type of pm taking a trump like view to things disgusting man

I know this is still all alleged but if Ben Roberts-Smith can be awarded the VC for his actions (and at present retain it), ignoring Teddy is a travesty. You can’t compare one to another directly but side by side I know who I would award the VC to and it’s the bloke who gave his life fighting for his mates. There is no greater sacrifice.

Was Morrison even born when this proud heroic Austalian saved lives if it wasn't for these heroes Morrison may never have been born.

There are over a 100 thousand names on the wall of the war memorial of those killed serving so it is difficult to say their sacrifice was any less or not worthy of recognition.

Where is the 'fabulous' Sky News and all their mouthy pieces on this. Where are Jones , Bolt, Credlin and co on this . Notice they are ALL VERY QUIET like little mice on this subject

What is attaching your body to a weapon to fight to the death to defend your country if not the definition of Valour, Why is this even an issue, when the man gave his life, his family gave up their son, it might only be a piece of metal to governments, it a sign of his life, lost in the service of his country to his family. Give him the bludy medal that they all paid so dearly for as a sincere thank you from every citizen of his country, it is such a little thing to ask in comparison, for him to be remembered with this symbol of Valour. It's the least we can do.

We have a chance to be the “fairest”, most responsible, caring Nation in the world currently. Cut the greed.....cut the crap.

Teddy must have been a member of a union or voted Labor, that's the only reason I can think of for this pathetic excuse for a government to stop him being posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.

What a story of sheer guts and determination !

Should be given after all the support

Great Australian something blowins from other countries and cultures couldn’t fathom


Fancy expecting Morrison to do the correct thing he doesn’t serve his country , he is self serving

Disgraceful. Of course with his history. He should be awarded what he deserves. ..Shame. ..

Yes he does deserve a VC where is the GG maybe he can overrule scomos decision

Perhaps because he defied orders to abandon ship ( so I read) doesn’t alter his heroics. I wish the men at Gallipoli defied orders to charge, so senseless and ruled by Idiots.

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Everyone everywhere must confront racism wherever it exists ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 2943877155725849

Hardly worth making such a statement. We all, irrespective of our politics, hope law and order is restored quickly in the US. In Australia we need to learn immediately how to clamp down on groups, with a political agenda to cause unrest, coming in and sowing seeds of conflict. We do not have a similar problem here but our media needs to be far less political and more supportive of how to avoid a conflict.

We need more to tackle the root causes of violence, disharmony, unrest and dissent. Clamping down as such does little to tackle the cause. Sweeping underlying problems under the carpet does nothing to resolve or restore security and well-being. Australia sadly has many similar problems. Without resolution groups in society will become 'mad as hell and will not take it any more'. The need to clamp down should not arise if people feel somebody cares and efforts are being made to tackle community issues. This is not America but we should be concerned that many of the underlying issues remain the same. Insecurity of employment, homelessness, poverty, poor leadership and lack of direction cannot be solved by harsh law and order clamp downs. Keeping a lid on a problem does not resolve it.

No one racist each other only people think that and show why we do . People have free and right to love and hate it’s in mind no one see and know or care as long as we don’t boder and hurting each other or destroy the public area it’s ok I’m so sick to see the protest 😫hope one day I get up it’s finished

I have no problems with that; It is a way of life for me; I believe:

Shame on Australians for only being willing to tag on to America's pain. We have enough of our own problems for people to complain/protest about yet very few do. Look in your own backyards first.

Hardly worth news. If our Indigenous were treated like they do in America then they'd have something to whinge about. Anyone can try to lift themselves out of their poverty it just depends how hard you want to succeed. Stop playing the Race Card.

Should we really start to say " Oh look I see a white person on the street? Our language use is not evolving because we feel we need to describe everything as other because for too long people have been determining their security from the very familiar.

More inane comments about rampant racism. Look at all the previous radical AA personalities who are following Trump’s policies.

Sadly we do have that same problem.

Is extreme capitalism (greed) the cause of this?

Nice guy but to weak.

It could not seem great to anyone because too many people have energised their fear, their poverty their need to be constant consumers and their lack of understanding between fact and fiction, their lack of knowledge regarding who they can trust, a slipping away democracy so that brute force is marginalizing every day and because everybody is judged by their surface grooming and the degree of star quality or not a petty world has crept up on people and without any real reason judgment has become instantaneous. I do not know if plaguing Nicole, with her recorded message, has made my access to the broadband inaccessible but the threat of being told sign up or get cut off seems to be brutal. Violence has been an option that we have lived with for too long. I think violent movies sit as an involved member in people's psyches and people should watch the Dutch filmmakers movie " The Tracker" like some Year 10 students have been forced into. Violent material is perpetuated in schools, in video games and in some very poorly constructed movies. As well, as papers are determined to heighten the sensations of others with feelings known as a vulnerable exposure that really should be hidden in case someone becomes upset but feelings should be normalised because we are not made of steel and senseless loss is an unnecessary stupidity.


Very true

Start again Albo and earn your keep. Take a stand against Police and judicial corruption re racist persecution and paedophilia. Domestic Violence is the main killer and what are YOU or Labor doing for LOCALS? WE PAY YOU to represent us! Start NOW, by STOPPING STRIP SEARCHES, DETAINING YOUTH AND IMPRISONING WITHOUT PARENT OR GUARDIAN, (W.A. EXCELS IN 12-14 year old girls.) WAKE UP ALBO or hand the job to another who WILL represent AUSSIES!

Oh god get him off here! He is not Leader material! He can't even speak properly for God's sake! Always sounds like he has been to the pub! Looks like it too! Pathetic Each Way Albo!

I am surprised that the coloured ppl haven’t picked up weapons and attacked the police, just a matter of time I think, then there will be brutal force on both sides, unfortunately

They would not be on the planet it is Creation that has made them count. Training into compare and contrast as the main argument style with adjectives available as descriptors has made people believe that shades can be chosen like we are designing shoes and then grading them into which shade counts the most is a hostile process. Tight classifications cause injury as seeing a global truth is broken into too many types. Box people in and it will not be long before the boxes will be broken in every possible way to realise that people need to stand whole and in every possible way they need to evolve toward their best possibility. People do not need to be broken and then shunted down if broken circumstances led them to a less desirable place and to be kicked down, even more, well this cannot be seen as a valid approach. The silent coping mechanisms that people develop play heavily on the intuitive energy of another.

Funny how politicians are all of a sudden concerned about America. How about we get back to the shifty shit going on here.

Many are not rioting in support of the victim but are using the situation as an excuse for violence against innocent people and looting for their own personal gains!

Stay calmer is what happen in Australia long time ego

Yes all this talk “great America”, may America great again” blah blah blah , worst place in the world for corona, mass shootings , the norm, racism getting worse, unemployment 😳😳millions, no health care for poor, more guns than people, and now u have Trump , whose incompetence is there for all to see, and then his lies and pleasure in anarchy😳😳🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤛🤛 , yep, god bless America, Trump has won , what foreigner would want to go there, he doesn’t need walls

Media needs to be forced to do two things, publish facts verifiable in a court with no comment and without bias, and then and only then provide comments that are unmistakably labelled as such.

I don’t see how rioting and looting businesses helps their cause.

Clare Berjaoui see if you can get catchup of yesterday’s Project with heart rending accounts of black deaths here. Australia should be ashamed.

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It was Labor that first suggested wage subsidies to help get Australians through the Coronavirus crisis and the Government took a long time to act.

They still don’t have a plan for our recovery.
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It was Labor that first suggested wage subsidies to help get Australians through the Coronavirus crisis and the Government took a long time to act.

They still don’t have a plan for our recovery.

Comment on Facebook It was Labor that ...

Where do you THINK all the money is going? The queens drug cartel only JUST got dislodged, and that isnt even proven! Nothing is any different. Until we stamp out human trafficking and the illegal drug trade, YOU WILL NOT SEE A CENT FOR THE PEOPLE! That is what is comes down to, the markets without transparency. The markets which make evil people rich, the trades which encourage criminal behaviour including blackmail and intimidation. Also... the police are a private entity... Until those who 'protect' us are not paid by billionaires, change will be FUNDED by those who benefit!

I think they have a plan to drag this out and lose the next election. Then with the help of Murdoch, attack Labor over the mess they created.

Apparently Morrison is riding a wave of popularity. So was Churchill before he lost to Attlee and Labor. By the way I think the wave is somewhere near Hawaii.

Stop whinging and whining both sides all the country is bloody sick of it !!! Just do the right thing for all

The LNP had no plans before the election, had no plans for people effected by the drought, had no plans for the bushfire victims and they had to form an external committee to assist Scomobag to walk through the Convid-19 Pandemic. Why are you surprised Richard?

Why is there no proper scrutiny by the rest of parliament? Isn’t that the opposition’s job?

Austerity [trickle down] got us into this mess and this is Scotty's and Joshie's solution

Don’t forget Richard it was Labor who helped abolish penalty rates

Morrison’s Government should be sacked

Kettle calling the pot black here. You pick over the tired old leftovers to find social media content.

They haven't figured out how to skim the top off for themselves yet, give them time..

What do you think theyve been able to stamp out in relation to the black economy???? Not much has changed. No one tried.

Craig Rowbotham aren't they giving the most vulnerable extra money, I say what about the workers who have continued to work through this pandemic for no extra cash what about them???

recovery from a KNEE JERK reaction by chicken shit pollys


Obviously ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ Morrison hasn’t received orders from Murdoch as yet!

and they will make this up with covert Gas mining...!

Great Depression was in 1936.


so clever, labor

Richard, don't let Labor stand in your way!

As long as the LNP keeps stuffing their own pockets they’re happy. As for the rest of us “let them eat cake”

Wow Richard you and your communist party have way to many problems to sort out with your comrade Dan in Victoriastan and the fact it was your party turned Australia into a corporation the list goes on as I have said before people in glass houses should not throw stones

This government has cause this Recession with their poor economic plans to reduce debt to soon and not keep the country going have a look at the retail sector most shopping centres have 20% to 30% empty stores Perth CBD and Fremantle are dead Get rid of the over taxation of the work force and business remove stamp duty this current offer is a joke

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