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Representing the people of the Geelong, Bellarine and Lara areas as the Member for Corio is the greatest honour of my working life.

As your local Federal MP, I want to be a strong voice fighting for a positive future for the Geelong region, and to do my job effectively I need to hear what matters to you and your family.

If I can help you with a Federal matter, please contact me.

Yours sincerely,
Richard Marles

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3 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

Is this not the cutest little critter you’ve ever seen?

Great photo taken by the Meelup Park Management Committee.
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Is this not the cutest little critter you’ve ever seen? 

Great photo taken by the Meelup Park Management Committee.

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So adorable.

Oh how beautiful

So, so wonderful😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩


Wow soooooo beautiful

So cute

Thats gorgeous

It’s a Pygmy possum.

Just adorable

What animal is it pleade and where from

What is Labor’s policy on feral predator control? And land clearing!! It is about our wildlife after all!!

It’s a baby Yoda.

Is it endangered



OK. What is it?

Karren Lee

Yes cute, but Richard Marles, please rethink your use of the word "critter" which is definitely not common Australian English. That belongs to the American lexicon of tv and film.

It’s a pity all our wild life is under threat from climate change and a government who would rather trash their habitat chasing the almighty dollar.

Oooh Mr Marles, the 'caring' for da little animals aye! What a big-hearted guy!.. BUT Stop Adani, Rinehart, Palmer. Use the word 'decarbonise', C'mon... I dare ya Mr Marles, change rotten climate destructive policies, where's the leadership from Labor? And cease with your party's policy towards 'climate arson', and CO2 proliferation together with the Murdoch-LNP, and continuance of the mass extinction event underway. Nice pikkies of endangered animals does not in itself absolve the ALP from complicity in mass extinctions and climate eco-terror, as reflected in a stupid knee-jerk over-reaction after the May election. The ALP, party for coal mines, gas extraction and fracking in the NT and Qld's Beetaloo Basin. WTF! The ALP, like Murdoch's chosen party, the LNP, the party of climate science refuse-niks as the country burns. What the hell has happened to Labor... it's a complete acquiescence to Rupert Murdoch and News Ltd, the mining resource lobby and bs 'focus groups'? There's no leadership, just yellow-gutted political cowardice 'for all to see.'


Say cheese. I said say CHEESE!

Animals and children wont make you more believable.

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18 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

When it comes to investing in infrastructure, the Government needs to stop pointing the finger and get on with their job. ... See MoreSee Less

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It is denying Australia’s future prosperity, not talking a fully functioning NBN and infrastructure spending!

So Richard are you reading the comments and doing something with them or just stiring everyone up??????

they dont even know what their job is

So true.


Price freeze across the board.

I think they are, Morrison said he has been working with the States and they have finally come to an agreement.

Get industry going and employ the young unemployed so that the older generation can retire with dignity

I'd like to know why the police aren't called into arrest the CEO and the people on the board at westpac, its clearly a criminal offence, the Royal Commission meant nothing to them, because nothing happened to the banks, so they just went on their merry corrupt way, while the government chases after the Robo debts, surely Richard, you can see why people no longer respect politicians.

I'd like to see a debate on what infrastructure investment is really needed. All we seem to get is more roads. How about on underground power lines in high fire risk areas (ultimately a money saver and would enable better protection of homes of there is a fire), or better water storage and use options. So much choice but we just build roads

The Liberals are good at keeping the purse strings tight, but when it comes to innovation and investment they don’t have a clue, because they have no vision for the future. Their fallback is practice from the past and motivating people through fear. www.macrobusiness.com.au/2019/09/its-no-surprise-australias-rd-spending-has-crashed/

You just refuse to read the memo, don't you, Richard! No liveable world equals no society equals no economy! Stop fracking, logging and mining coal , 'til we get the numbers right on emissions. The only budget figures that count atm.

If you use all Australian workforce ,no 457 visa jobs and all Australian material nothing imported in these projects is the only way to benefit this country

Leopards don’t change their spots & the Coalition are all finger pointing & no positive action.

How many overseas companies will apply for the tender now where does the money oh yes overseas at cheap tax havens

small print oh they will take years to even start planning ????

He is right !

Turning Australia into a 3rd world country

You got a few more years to ponder pal


Just like the Victorian Labor Government is doing...$62.50 Billion dollars in debt to the Communist Chinese Government...Thanks Labor...Good 'Job'...

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23 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

The aged care system is broken - that was the message Emma McBride MP and I heard from residents of the Central Coast.

Older Australians and their carers deserve better from the government - they must act to fix it.
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The aged care system is broken - that was the message Emma McBride MP and I heard from residents of the Central Coast. 

Older Australians and their carers deserve better from the government - they must act to fix it.

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Aged care staff to resident ratios only bound by law in PUBLIC facilities, not PRIVATE 'FOR PROFIT' ones!!!! 🤔 This is OUTRAGEOUS and needs URGENT RECTIFICATION!!! 😠😠😠

Gone back to 1950 the dark ages, you are a not a person, just a member on the corporate pay package

I don’t understand why it is so. The elderly have given so much when they were young. It is actually a natural phase of humans beings to age. This has to be fixed immediately.

Talk is cheap .look after the elderly for shits sake .everybody gets old .no one can escape it .action is now .🤬🤬🤬

Broken? S'buggered.....well & truly buggered.....

Talk is over action needed. No more wasted money on reports investigations and the like. ACTION NEEDED NOW

Where can i find labors plan to fix this

increase the age pension and pay aged care workers decent money

So we are all saying the same thing is anyone actually taking in what we are saying

Government is keen for families to look after their parents in their own homes, but pay a pittance compared to what it costs the Government to keep them in nursing homes where they are treated little better than animals. Simple Solution, INCREASE THE LIVING AT HOME ALLOWANCE !!!

It's been broken under both parties mate.

If Politicians started living like what they expect us to, then maybe we would have enough money to fix the problem! Until then keep your trap shut and remember that charity does not only start at home, but also in parliament.

Get the for-profits out of aged care and until that is possible, ensure that public money is spent on services not a Zechariah salaries and profits.

Its It’s only broken because there isnt any MP’s in such a situation, if there was they would be changes in hours.

Ratios are an absolutely necessity!! RNs 24/7 in facilities are also a necessity! Let’s all fix this, so no deaths occur in our system!

The government say pensioners are a burden on the government..Most pensioners, or aged people I know ,Volunteer .In opportunity shops, the aged care hostels,Lions clubs etc etc etc...If the government had to pay people to do the volunteer work and the hours we put back into our communities they may realise that most of us are valuable hard working unpaid great members volunteering within our communities they may think a little different about us.

Richard you that ,but what happens? Nothing who cares? you don’t because doesn’t affect you or your family

here is the answer, little Johnny is cared for by his parents, his parents are then looked after by little Johnny., little john does some the house hold duties, whilst his spouse helps the next geb little johnnies w

It seems every thing, corporate wise , is broken, wether it be aged care, building, banking, utilities, the liberal party’s war on workers seems to have left way too little time left to ensure corporations are conducting themselves in a lawful manner

Funny comment given Labor’s policies were designed to rape older Australians through their taxes on the family home, franking credits and death taxes! They were actually told by Bowen that if they didn’t like Labor’s policies, not to vote for labor. Given this policy stance, how dare you pretend to care about older Australians.

Did you discuss the effects on choking levels of smoke on the elderly? Climate Change is effecting the quality of the air we breath, the ability to sustain a quality of life!

It needs less talk and more action from the morrison govt. This is a national shame and a lot more needs to be done.!!!

I thought the Labor/Greens coalition were more worried about Unknown aliens on Manus Island...So what's changed???..Oh, that's right, you lost the un-losable election...Losers!..

This has been happening for a long long time and not with just this Government Richard

WHO WILL RULE AUSTRALIA IN 2050?. CHINA.?. ISLAM.?. THE U.N.?. Currently three of the World’s Major Powers are engaged in a struggle to colonise Australia as part of their growing Empires. They are being ably assisted by Australia’s Political Class, mainly for their personal gain, rather than the interests of the People Australian. CHINA - Is employing a variety of strategies. They are buying up Australian Farms, Land, Properties, and Businesses with rapidity and are dispersing a part of their huge population to Australia to be ready to assume power, when they consider it to be at an appropriate time. ISLAM - Is engaged in a much slower takeover by pressing for more Islamic immigrants and encouraging a very high birth rate among those who attain residency. They too are buying properties and confirming their presence with Mosques as the centre of their ethnic enclaves. THE U.N. - Was first off the blocks in 1948 and has been gradually taking over Australia’s Sovereign Powers with a series of Agreements, Declarations, Accords etc which have been stealthily and readily signed by successive Australian governments without the knowledge and consent of the People of Australia. The U.N. announced their tactics as to gradually destroy the remaining centres of nationalism, the Australian Culture, Family Traditions, and Belief systems, mainly the major Christian religion, mainly by mass immigrations. The U.N. have also been given control over large parts of Australia’s land and its water supplies. The People of Australia are not being given a say in how this is occurring, nor which of the major Powers they would eventually wish to take over but it is now inevitable that there will be serious conflict between them at all levels, when the crunch comes. It does not take a Fortune Teller to forecast Australia’s future, it is written for all to see.

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2 days ago

Richard Marles MP

No Josh, it hasn’t. ... See MoreSee Less

No Josh, it hasn’t.

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How many times a day Josh do you say " Yes Sir No Sir Three Bags Full Sir " to Mr Morrison , a job where you have to be devious and lie is not worth your Self Dignity , and one day you will regret it

Still as large as the empty gap between his ears !!

In each place I have worked women get paid the same as men. The pay gap occurs due to women working less hours than men on average

What planet does he live on??? He is so far off the mark in every claim he makes, sadly it only shows how totally inadequate he is to face up to Morrison and tells him he is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong !!! or maybe he just tells untruths?

But unfortunately,not the gap between frydenbergs ears.

How do these elected politicians with a modicum of integrity and intelligence make such erroneous statements 😣. Oh yeah that's right they have no integrity nor intelligence.

Completely out of touch...poor man doesn't have his own opinion,, he is sproutsibg Mr morrison 'S. Opinion.. SAD

The chap resides in a bubble of self delusion...

Is anybody really surprised that this man, who lives with his head in the sand, is detached from reality!

Josh Frydenberg and his moronic associates live in fantasy land. They have no idea of reality. (That doesn’t mean reality TV).

The man is a fool and unfortunately we have to put up with him and his cohorts. 😡

The pensioner pay gap has got worse (taxes. Essential services having to show the government how much money you have and please give us a recite for what you spend

It's time the people showed Josh were his elbow is, otherwise he's doomed to spend many lifetimes with his head up his arse.

More alternate facts from the Government. They simply need to make it law that there is no gender pay gap to be implemented over several years and all of a sudden the economy gets a much needed growth.

That goose has no idea what's going on unemployed is rising underemployed is tampered all over Australia stop talking to advices and have a drink in any pub in Australia and ask people what they think about and you and the federal government

Fried burger hasn’t a clue, hope he’s still “working” in his 80s

Politicians are a waste of taxpayers money. They have no idea what happens in the real world.

Josh believes in Santa, too

A Treasurer who can't do the maths..OMG

What planet did he come from? That man is totally not in touch with happenings in Australia.

I think he must be living in another universe.

No, that would be your mind that's closed, Josh.

The gap between truth & lies is certainly getting wider every day

if you do the same job and have the same qualifications you should get the same pay as everyone else

I don’t know what it’s like in the white collar world, but in the blue collar world, there is a pay structure so everyone is paid the same if they are doing the same job.

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