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20 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

Things are bleak for our farmers and the Morrison Government is refusing to help them. ... See MoreSee Less

Things are bleak for our farmers and the Morrison Government is refusing to help them.

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And the mines continue to use our much needed water.

Our farmers and not only the farmers the people who are employed by the farmers have been let down badly by the LNP especially the national party. I thought these people were elected by the farmers to assist them but the leader just behaves like a school boy in parliament and ignoring his constituents.

And the price on the Supermarket shelves keep rising.

Yes I agree , too little done to late . !!!! When was the last Dam built in Australia Richard , and who were the proponents partnering in the crime for building these dams It’s been Decades !!!!

Our farmers and their communities are doing it more than just hard.Our rivers are dying slowly.We need action and a plan.Morrison won’t work with the Opposition.Why? Is it because he sees himself as their saviour and God will make it rain?

To suit the corporations and profit. To the LNP the farmers and workers of Australia are disposable and to be demonised. Who are you going to vote for? Wake up !

The money which should be used to help the farmers is being used to help put a man on Mars so they eventually stuff that planet up too.

Our farmers r needing help ,no water ,what can b done ,my son is l x

They choose Nat’s and Libs now they are paying the price.

If they were financial backers of the LNP there would not be a problem.

You wouldn't think so?We pensioners cannot afford beef,or lamb.Havent had a T bone for years.$17 a T-bone??????

I still say that all the parties together should be able too do something it is a national disaster so under our constitution

The government was never a friend to farmers, only miners. By not addressing climate change, they are damning Australia's farmers to a hellish future of droughts and bushfires.

So now the Labor Party wants to start looking after its own backyard.

Pauline is helping the farmers on Saturday...she will be in the trucks .taking water to them. What are you and your motly crew doing Saturday Scott ????

The problem is, the Farms in drought are owned by Foreign investors. If they were help would be flowing to them.

Disgraceful state of affairs. Look after Australia before embarking on space flights

Not at my supermarket, always up . Never down. Drought rain , value of the dollar Coles and Woolies never Lower the price.

And I’m guessing a lot of them voted for the liberals or not forgetting the farmers friend the nationals

...but meat prices haven't budged. Trickle down economics is a fallacy.

It’s all very well to sell, sell, sell, but in the end where is our food going to come from?????

The old adage of "Nero fiddles while Rome burns " literally!

Maryvonne Norman you got it spot on the government want the farmland for the big mining companies

And didn't Barnaby put a cat amongst the pigeons, 10 year farming failure - get another income!!!!

if the prices are dropping why is meat prices going through the roof in the supermarkets? not from lack of supply.

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How does Scott Morrison expect people to get a job if there isn’t one for them in the first place? ... See MoreSee Less

How does Scott Morrison expect people to get a job if there isn’t one for them in the first place?

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Pollie,s live in their own world, it must be such a lovely place where everything is rosy and neat.

They the Govt keep on keeping on, targeting the poor~ deprived... And in need! Their eyes are beaming massive logs*_ Blocking all moral ethics in the name of ignorance! In which spawns the greater of all arrogance! Compassion not!!

Unemployed people and Newstart recipients are easy targets. Just think about looking for a job and not even getting a response from your interview or an acknowledgment of your applications, now do it every day. Then read what is being said about you in the media. |Now, how do you feel?

That's just it. Why is there so much crime? People haven't got enough to live on. They have to eat so they steal. Create some jobs, Scummo.

There are not enough jobs and Morrison knows this!! He lies when he tries to convince us there are plenty! Barely enough part time work. Two hours of work per week and a person is considered to be employed!!! Crap pay as well! He has done nothing but talk about infrastructure about to take place,but nothing will happen!!! Where is the money Morrison??? Don't expect the poor to pay for your stupidity!!!

There should be one simple formula for employment, employment has in modern times been based on 40 hours a week not the amount of hours that allow employers to not pay any entitlements like sick leave, annual leave let alone long service leave. The LNP over the years have allowed over a million full time jobs to become part time jobs and then boast they have created a million of jobs based on the same employment hours. Data can say anything you want depending on how it is used so we need a one rule on employment that all parties must use not the good or bad news bullshit we get.

It will take time, but you will be spending the rest of your days as a subjugated asset.

No jobs for unemployed while the government labels them as bludgers and forces them to survive on very little support! Shameful!

What a surprise! And no permanent jobs for the precariat either

Yes and it's not just the companies closing down, but so are the shops as people are buying on line more. More people are also using the self serve machines in places like BigW, Coles, Kmart and Woolworths everytime I go into 1 of those places there is only 1or 2 working at the checkouts. The poor kids today will have nowhere to get a job to earn a living very sad indeed.

If you told the truth for a change would be a good start Seasonally adjusted of course

The governments have got rids of jobs , sent all the factories , car making, etc, overseas. And selling us off to overseas companies.

Just Pray!

So now they know what WE HAVE KNOWN ALL ALONG!!

There's very little manufacturing industry left in this country the abolition of tariffs has allowed of cheap imports into this country and sourcing new Trains from Korea and India is a national disgrace.They should have been built here giving Aussie kids the chance of a job.Where it will stop I don't know apparently we are looking to import Mangoes from Indonesia.Why?

You can pray for a job and get a miracle 😑

Richard they don't expect people to get a job. They just continue to use the unemployed to restrict wage growth as a way of manipulating the economy. They demonise the unemployed to play to their voter base. It is deliberate and manipulative. No accident, not because they are ignorant of the situation but cold, hard cynical use of the less fortunate for the LNP's ends.

Maybe the army of unemployed and under employed could all put their names forward to be candidates for the next federal election........ oh yeah ...... that's right, you have to be wealthy to be able to do that.

And part time jobs are not full employment. All talk and no action. Is ruining Australia more than ever. Once we were called the lucky country. I wonder how many can do so now.

We have been saying that for years.

So much for 'a fair go for those that want to have a go', what a croc of shit.

He got the idea from Barnaby .

All the jobs are taken by imported workers!

PEOPLE of Australia Cant you see that the L N P just cant get this?

Because he doesn’t have the intelligence to understand? Because he is profoundly deaf? Because he is convinced that he is always right? Because someone told him that there were lots of jobs for everyone, and he believed them? Because he is stubborn, stupid and inept? Just asking!

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2 days ago

Richard Marles MP

Time is running out - This Government must act now. ... See MoreSee Less

Time is running out - This Government must act now.

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Of course they won’t! Too busy hoarding their precious decoy surplus and feathering their own and their rich mates nests! Thought and prayers in plenty though!

I hope all them that voted Lib are happy.

I am really saddened when I see pics like this and yes the LNP need to do something now , but I don't understand what they can do immediately. Can someone tell me is it just something simple like sending tank loads of water to help the farmers . It would help if someone more knowledgeable on these matters than me could explain

Oh please, enough of the photos and emotionally laden arguments for the bush. Australia is an arid country end of story. Yes, there definitely needs to be a Royal Commission into the mismanagement and corruption of the Murray Darling basin.

Have been expressing that exact statement for nearly one year. Why is there no National Emergency for this drought? We need to drought proof our Country and start this immediately with dams, pipelines etc. Water purification also. Do something please Gov. Use ALL OUR SPARE MONEY for this. We don't care about surplus etc. You are building a big bank account with all the money you are hoarding instead of spending on promised projects. Guess next election you will brag about how much money you have saved and start blaming Labor for whatever you can dig up.

We could use the $80 million dollars of flood water the government sold, oh sorry it went to the Cayman Islands,

What about the NATS why would the farmers still vote for them without their support we would not be this desperate. How can the govt justify a 30 page complicated form to fill out for some assistance.

I’m afraid it’s the drought called the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Stop giving money away specially to the conniving UN. If it was affecting your pocket SCOMO you would be doing something about it very quick

It is a national crisis, if I hear Morrison say one more time about bloody surplus, seriously got his head stuck in crap.

πŸ€”Could there be another motive here less farmers and farming the higher prices for supply and demand .(didn't Gina buy another farm,not saying she can't butπŸ€”). I know the drought it not the governments fault but the lack of support is and why have they dragged their feet on this disaster .πŸ€”Wait until it hits the pockets of those in the community that a finding it tuff to feed there families now.Wont be the farmer receiving that money made from the sale of their produce .

YES. ITS A NATURAL DISASTER WHY!!! Doesn’t Morrison call it that. Then big help will come from lots of directions WHY!!! Do we have to loose any more farmers. Either... taking their lives. Feeling a failure Or walking off their farms No hope they need HOPE

The ongoing Damage that Scott Morrison and the Liberal National Coalition ere doing to Australia is also a National Emergency!

Why hasn’t the two ABC Four Corners investigations into alleged water theft and profiteering been raised in Federal Parliament? There was plenty of evidence of wrong doing!!!! Maybe this is why Morrison and co are hellbent on jailing journalist and whistle blowers Is it that the LNP have something to hide and they fear being caught out, by good investigative journalism !!!!

Some government should have acted decades ago. We just go from 1 drought to the next. Gee, could there be a pattern here?

Instead of whinging..... again.... put pressure on the government to act on your plan Richard to save to farmers and those affected by drought. Oh yeah, you don't have one either, your discussing it and will release it closer to the election. Here's a plan you can adopt. A national water pipeline that redirects water from our nation's north. Remember Townsville, not long ago there was a flood there. Could have been avoided if the water was redirected. Gladstone floods every year. DO YOUR JOB! Don't whinge, propose a plan and force the government to act on it if they don't have a plan and show the Australian people you actually care about them and not only at election time!

They didn't have a plan before the election and they don't have one now, yet the people most affected STILL voted them back in. They are resistant to change and will continue to vote for them until nothing is left. And then they'll vote them back in again. You can't help people who won't help themselves.

Please stand up to Clive Palmer and call out the greed ,try to stop his coal mine.

we need a new government one that cares about the Australian people not just big business

I agree,but they voted the national party in knowing what they had done to their water,knowing Barnaby Joyce had sold them out until they cease voting for the national party they will continue suffering.

Waiting for Barnaby Joyce’s review by sms.

They need to turn their drought relief fund into feed & water delivered to those in need instead of another enquiry or board to absorb the needed funds

They didn't have a plan in the lead up to the election, and they havent any plan now. But you people fell for the LNP with there lies and spin and and as a result this is the tragic outcome.!!!!

The only action this government will take is to blame the Labor Party

Come on we’ve had this problem on and off for years even if we thought of putting dams in the greens would worry about the environment and nothing gets done govern for the people if we need dams supply them don’t worry about the nonsense both major partys

I think it’s already decided Mother Nature knows best..

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2 days ago

Richard Marles MP

Gough Whitlam, a truly inspirational man, his legacy will live on forever. ... See MoreSee Less

Gough Whitlam, a truly inspirational man, his legacy will live on forever.

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Brilliant Statesman and politition! Outstanding orator! My idol in his day!

Never and ever we will see another Gough so RIP the great Australian

He was a brilliant but flawed man, who achieved a lot in his short time in the lodge. Sadly he listened more to the idealists in his party than he did to the realists and eventually the train and the economy derailed. Sadly although a great humanitarian, he strongly opposed the evacuation of mixed race orphans in the lead up to the fall of Saigon, purely because he didn't want to upset his leftist brothers in Hanoi. His career and legacy will always be subject to much debate and emotion, but it needs to be based on facts.

Whitlam, his team, Hawke/Keating, and their team all spoke with an unabashed Australian accent. They were frank, combative and truly focused on moving our country forward with the "men and women of Austraia" their main focus. Our next great hope was Kevin 07. Well it's jump to the right, time warp, plum in mouth , talking in circles...arghhh and then the ensuing shitfight and somewhere in there it all got lost. The raison d'e^etre, the brand (a construct I hate but valid), the thrust, guys and obstinence that characterized the Labor than I and many know and fondly remember is nowhere to be seen. Gough wouldn't know his old party or what they stand for now. Me either.

Just love this photo. Two wonderful Australians. Prime Minister Gough Whitlam & Polly Farmer. What more could you ask for. Doesn’t get any better.

Two great men in the photo... both will be remembered fondly.

I’m not a Rudd fan but a while ago I listened to him pushing his new book. One thing that stuck with me was that he said every PM bar Abbott have left a legacy behind after their time and all Abbott had done was destroy everything that he could that was put in place by Labor. Gough left more legacies than most followed by Hawk and Keating. I’m afraid Rudd next sales pitch he will add Morrison to Abbott’s legacy.


HIS LEGACY THE LIMA DECLARATIION ? I hopoe it wont live for ever. Took away Australia's manufacturing industries et al. I hope his despicable legacy will be rescinded (and UN kicked out of Australia) to enable us to rebuild what WE ONCE HAD BEFORE WHITLAM

As an emerging 20 year old tradesman when Gough was elected he opened my eyes as to what a great country this could be.......

Would that be Geelong Colours and the great Polly Richard ?

Yes Polly and Gough πŸ˜ŠπŸŒ·πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€πŸŒ΄

Great man who was never appreciated for what he did for this country.

Two great Australians.

G'day Gough...your elegance and sincerity are really missed.

We have to aim high to be like Gough !

Not inspirational at all.

he nearly brought Oz to its needs worst PM ever

I loved treat people were filled with optimism and schools were happy places to be.

Great man.one the best.in australia

I thought the person standing with Gough was Poly Farmer ex Geelong football club .And Gough was wearing a Geelong jumper. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Best PM ever. To think we have descended as low as Morrison who's done nothing for the country. Tragic.

2 brilliant men in their fields, Gough in politics and Polly Farmer in AFL.

Oh so very true Gough the Toff a beauty surronded in the main with dills.

Great seeing the old Geelong Team shot on the wall at the Orphanage Musume last Saturday I remember getting a football from Polly Farmer in St Augustines Boys Home way back then with Billy Goggin.

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