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Representing the people of the Geelong, Bellarine and Lara areas as the Member for Corio is the greatest honour of my working life.

As your local Federal MP, I want to be a strong voice fighting for a positive future for the Geelong region, and to do my job effectively I need to hear what matters to you and your family.

If I can help you with a Federal matter, please contact me.

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Richard Marles

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9 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

The future submarines program only five years ago was set to cost $50 billion, today it is costing $90 billion.

This government said 90% of the work would be done in Australia and right now they are sending hull fabrication work to France.

I agree with Kevin Rudd, at every level this program is going in the wrong direction and this more than any other capability is how we change our strategic circumstances for the better.
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Ha bloody Ha. This Government at its very best. Thanks to Christopher Mr fixer. Pyne. another waste of tax payer money.

Boot the LNP out in the next election. They either can’t add numbers together or they’re on holidays.

Dump the Subs. We cannot use out dated technology

You can smirk Birmingham but you are a south Australian and I expect you to look after us. You are no better than Pyne who sold us. Can remember him standing on the wharves in Adelaide telling our workers not to worry he fixed it. He fixed it all right hundreds been entrenched and he got a cushy job out of it.

Fools ... absolute fools .. I shake my head at the hypocrisy of the smarties making these decisions .... Australia has a nation full of creative minds .... look for them ... !!!! Look at our history of invention ...

With today’s technology why did Labour ever sign up with it. Who needs submarines we must be the laughing stock in New Zealand.

Because the LNP are experts at skimming! It’s the only thing they’re good at.

Pyne”s collaborations with the French he organised this absurd deal got paid a commission under the table to rort the SA Government with no jobs for the State and the still vote the LNP

A bit rude but I agree with sentiment. On these white elephants. Also apart from cyber, drones, these small, cheap predators will be swarming the ocean by the time the subs are built meaning it’ll be unsafe to leave the harbour. Might be similar in the skies.

The LNP have always been warmongers and love new weapons. The recent "sabre-rattling" with China is just to soften up Australian people to the extraordinary expenditure on new weapons. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan, Syria...

The blow out in cost is one thing (roughly 40 billion) imagine if these new subs have the same mechanical issues that the Collins class did. Who knows what the real cost will be. I’m all for a strong military but let’s get this right the first time.

The never ending saga of Subs nothing ever gets done properly in this country!

They are obsolete now by putting diesel motors in them by the time we get them they will be worth scrap metal value

It's an unmitigated disaster that's unfolding... Back engineering nuclear submarines to be conventional diesel power is like ordering a Tesla and asking if they can put a coal fired steam engine in it.. or tow it with a horse..

France was a bad option from day one. Engineers in Germany already had their bags packed because they thought there was no competition.

90 billion well cancel it and pay off that debt caused by covid that we owe to , ourselves? .?

you politicians should be made to spend 4 weeks in one of these obsolete subs

And the French engineers on site have never worked on a sub

This should be a national scandal... for how many submarines?

A complete cluster F***. By our LNP, the best people to manage our economy, so they say. So here we are with increasing costs and into a recession. We are SCREWED, and so are our kids who will have to pat it back. Great work Scomo.

The LNP have form, 1 billion dollars blown on a new helicopter for the navy back in the 2000’s, Labor also couldn’t manage a root in a brothel

Show the clip of Birmingham trying to put on a face mask; the elastic was too strong for the little weasel.

This is what happens when you have politicians in portfolios they know nothing about,,the most important issue is they should liaise with the military instead of buying cheap(so they think) outdated equipment

We must bring manufacturing back to Australia!

lies , lies , & more Lies , German Chancellor said some time ago , 12 subs for 50 billion , Made of Cardboard ?? . no chance

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18 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

We need a plan to create jobs โ€“ not one that just sees them disappear. ... See MoreSee Less

We need a plan to create jobs โ€“ not one that just sees them disappear.

Comment on Facebook We need a plan to ...

It is cheaper for the LNP to pay Jobseeker rather than Jobkeeper. They don't give a rat's about the ordinary people unless they want their votes. Unfortunately, apart from the glued on demented, these same ordinary people believed the lies and their own gullibility gave them this mean-spirited government with no vision for the nation's future. As much as I like Albo, he is far too conciliatory to be Leader of the Opposition, I want an Opposition Leader who questions, harasses and disagrees as well as insisting on open debate.

Hoping for the best.bur holdout little hope that the libs will Think about the workers

If we need a plan then LABOR better come up with one so MORRISON can steal it cause he is totally clueless

Pay every person over the age of 18 a liveable wage which the government can then recoup from an employer. That will incentivise the government to hand out money and tax deductions to corporations in such a way that will create actual jobs, not just give corporates a ride on the gravy train.

Time for the unemployed to do what ever work is going at the time , even if it is working as a labourer or fruit picker. And there are many more jobs like that going from time to time, no more hand outs

Will see what he comes up with

Dictator schomo will make changes to job keeper on the 23 July because he doesn’t care about Australia or Aussies

We need thousands of apprenticeships. We need to get our youngsters trained up for the future. Australia will, hopefully, be manufacturing again very soon. Look to the future not just the electoral term. Do something now.

Keep printing cash and soon there'll be No one in a job including Politicians. Especially Politicians. The day the Dollar devalues to zero. Is the day all Politicians better be jumping on a Boat to a far way land. The have ruined our nation and squandered the wealth for over 50 years now. Ever since bob Hawke floated our dollar and un backed it this ball started rolling.

Get the bussneses to pay half and must give sertan amount days to work .there are people that cant ern anything

Enforce a 40 hour maximum work week. Like that employers will have to employ more people.

Yes. Risk is a huge word because lives matter and there cannot be a separation that people are working for the good of Australia because what is a country if its people do not count?

well start pushing hard for benefits to be lifted to a living wage not the 40 a day that he will be reducing them back too soon

Has the ALP any suggestions?

The case for a UBI has been proven. Get on with it.

Too true!, I’m with you. Apart from food security, we need to look after the health of the people and natural life in and along the Rivers. They are such a precious thing .

it is all part of the snap back....

Get manufacturing up and running.....real fast!

Correct!!!! But who's got the guts to implement this???โ€ผ๏ธ

Everyone talks about job keeper which is definitely still needed but job seeker needs to be extended and or increased as well as people can’t survive on it. Same as pensions. Just because you get older doesn’t mean things cost less.

There's a long way to go yet.

more fear mongering by labor.

please do not bother the PM about this it may spoil his holiday but i doubt it ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฌ

Its realy hard if you cant get uninployment what you should do is the days worked comes from the company that you work for that would stop them pushing staff to over work or charge them 2 ...3ds to cut it down for the goverment like a filler .get a payment from the busness to pay half

Just focus on newstarve or jobseeker, if it is a reasonable amount then all those u employees,oyed will be paid that and this employer support program ends. Not support any dying businesses.

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Sharing is caring! Keep looking out for one another.

Thanks to Suzana for this great photo.
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Sharing is caring! Keep looking out for one another.

Thanks to Suzana for this great photo.

Comment on Facebook Sharing is caring! ...

beautiful potoroo mum and her baby!

so cute our wildlife at its best

Beautiful photo, unconventional love from mum.

Quokka on Rottnest Island. Beautiful photo, lovely place.

Love these happy little guys.


Love this. Beautiful shot.

What a sweet mum. And that smile... โค

Awesom photo ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’œ

toooooooooooooooooooooo cute <3

Karen Carter just a gorgeous photo

She is a proud mom๐Ÿฅฐ

Love ๐Ÿ’—.

Cute ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ

So cute . Sharing is caring โค๏ธ


The quintessential Rotto cottage in the background!

Treat photo

We must restore and preserve our forests and land so these iconic beauties don't disappear.




They are so cute ๐Ÿ˜Š

Beautiful โฃ๏ธ

Love this

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