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Representing the people of the Geelong, Bellarine and Lara areas as the Member for Corio is the greatest honour of my working life.

As your local Federal MP, I want to be a strong voice fighting for a positive future for the Geelong region, and to do my job effectively I need to hear what matters to you and your family.

If I can help you with a Federal matter, please contact me.

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Richard Marles

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13 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

The Government could pick up and run with one or any of these ideas suggested by Labor:
- Reviewing and increasing Newstart;
- Introducing an incentive for business to invest;
- Bringing forward part of the stage two income tax cuts;
- Bringing forward infrastructure spending;
- Coming up with a wages policy;
- Coming up with an energy policy.
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Now we can see the dangers of having all our manufacturing businesses go off shore! We are so dependent on others! A decent government would subsidise manufacturers to re establish production in Australia to prevent a complete shut down of the country in future crisis!

How about investment in renewables as an infrastructure program & send a message to the private sector.

What about a pension rise for those that don’t have superannuation.

If they go for a surplus you can bet they’re eyeing off payrises too. That $11,000 every year is a good thing.. thanks Taxpayers..

I think that renewables are the way to go.the money is up against it tho. the big movers have gone the other way and it's not looking good for them. Increase Newstart buy all means it has been decades.for them. I like all the suggestions you have Richard. But I think the pensioners who got no superannuation should get a fair rise.as the money they put in was ripped of them. Then they were put on welfare. Totally unfair.

“Gone with the wind”! But they keep reminding themselves and everyone else! The budget is for spending on the people-not for accumulating as some absurd status symbol! There never was a surplus anyway just another myth!

There NEVER was a surplus in the first place. LNP took funds from NDIS to create a fake surplus. The LNP think everyone is stupid.

Why on Earth would you give an NO IDEA Government some common sense ideas to run with stuff them muppets 👎👎👎

I hear all this but when in power they did not deliver you will never get back you have sold out your support base and it will never come back every tradies I talk to will never vote for you again have a good look at yourself you do no repsent us

Spot on! They set the surplus as one of their key tests, and so they now have to wear it. It’s like I’ve said many times ‘the LNP can’t do productivity’. Consecutive negative GDP growth years have only happened under LNP governments. They claim that it is only their governments that can return the budget to ‘surplus’, when the reality is that it is the previous years of economic stimulus prompted by the Labor governments that have ensured a return to surplus. There is always an initial investment drain amount on the budget that gets followed by a surplus generated by the fruits of that investment. The LNP only know how to make cuts. They have no imagination.

What would the incentive be woody, perhaps free fire wood so that they can have both warmth and light at work when there is a blackout! Net zero emissions- may as well pull the plug now!

what is a surplus when you still have a debt to pay of the LNP have double or evan triple the debt on their watch and they still blame labor for it the LNP should stop blaming labor. for have doubled or evan triple the net debt in Australia

If Labor is a genuine opposition it will NOT vote with this corrupt government to pass the cash ban bill. Australians are entitled to conduct their affairs using legal tender as opposed to digits in a screen. Thousands upon thousands of Australians have phoned, emailed, written to parliamentarians to register their opposition to this bill. We all know that banks are the biggest facilitators of the black economy!

And making Australian business.s making there co,s base in the Cayman Islands inlegal.

Come off it, next you will be asking them to run the country!

Bit didn't labor plan to tax pensioners into poverty??Aldi bags anyone?

The ALP must vote against thethe LNP cash ban. The cash ban is totally against Liberal Party beliefs. I believe that this legislation is being forced by the big 4 banks.

Noticing that low income people can't spend anything on education, no matter how naturally talented they might be, and investing in helping them achieve their best.

I hope you vote against the $10,000 cash ban.

Stop selling our companys to CHINA

This government will never do anything suggested by Labor.

What about fixing the NDIS which is a complete f#*k up.

Well you almost got your Cash Ban legislation through today. Why?

Completely agree Richard.

I don’t understand your post at time, you only show us one part , just you, all about you, I’m sure you were debating with someone here, why don’t you show us the full sorry? It not good enough

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18 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

When the High Commissioner of New Zealand, Dame Annette King heard that a Geelong school was teaching Maori as their second language, she just had to visit.

It was a joy to accompany Annette to meet the students and teachers who drive this program and celebrate our wonderful Maori community.
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That is amazing, and without taking away anything from this; wouldn’t it be great if we could have regional schools teaching local indigenous languages. The NZ model of indigenous recognition is one to look up to, and should prompt us to ask “why aren’t we doing this in our country?” Our indigenous heritage is something that all Australian people should be proud of. They have a rich culture that they are very willing to share with post-colonial Australia, but it requires people to recognise the past. In Auckland, as soon as you step off the plane, you can see that New Zealanders are proud of their Maori heritage. We need to make that change here! Be proud of our Aboriginal past, present, and future. Schools need to celebrate this with their local communities. Governments need to provide the structures and support to ensure it.

We have many different Aboriginal languages. Australia does not recognise Aboriginal Culture as the Culture of Australia..

Could this be another reason Australia’s NAPLAN ranking is approaching the lows of Labor’s primary vote?

What aren't the kids learning Aboriginal languages.. .they're our first nations people not Moaris

They should learning Chinese..Labor will sell It's soul to Chinese RMB's..Just ask Sam Dastayri how good Chinese Dollars are...

But they are not allowed to teach Australian history.

He doesn’t even know where he is, its Norlane not North Shore....


I am sorry, but this really makes me sick to the stomach. You all talk about culture, um what about Aboriginal culture. Forgotten once again. This really is disrespectful and disgraceful to Aboriginal people.

Why don't they teach aboriginal then see there still 3 class citizens then

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Fires have been burning in the State of Victoria for 95 days.

Great news today from Vic Emergency - There are currently no significant fires burning across Victoria!

Our emergency service workers have gone above and beyond to keep us all safe, they are heroes.
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Fires have been burning in the State of Victoria for 95 days. 

Great news today from Vic Emergency - There are currently no significant fires burning across Victoria! 

Our emergency service workers have gone above and beyond to keep us all safe, they are heroes.

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Thanks to Andrew McCormick from the Laceby West Fire Brigade for the photo.

I have great respect for firefighters.

Best we get in early and cancel next Summer as we cant deal with it. Sorry is that to pollie speak for you. :)

Is it time yet to start a discussion about whether honorariums to assist volunteers in their costs in attending whatever they do would be a good thing for those who give up so much so often. Whether they are firefighters, hospital volunteers, or animal carers, surely our country can afford a pittance from the value they bring to us all?

Well done guys thank you thank to Tony Abbott did a very good job we did not see Scott morrison helping the hell fire that right he was on holiday

Well done guys and thank you

Wow.first fires ever! Lets panic.beats planning or any safety strategies. Get insured.get out.

Of course Firefighters are HEROS!🙏🏼❤️We do NOT need a POLITICIAN to tell us that!!!!🙄😠

That’s their job and they want to be there #scummofrommarketing.

While Tony Abbott was out fighting fire and helping people in the following floods,what were you doing?Just a LOSER sniping from the sidelines like all the other labor LOSERS.Aldi bags anyone?

That is great news

Must be because of the rain that BOM said we wouldn't get till April ah'

Oh thats crazy that photo !

No fire means, rehabilitation should start soon.

Oh well I guess you have the premier there who can snap his lefty fingers and deal with it. Or is this the PMs fault too.

Thank Christ for that that was a long summer

Wow impressive photo

For those who haven't seen it yet ... www.thejuicemedia.com/honest-government-ad-the-fires/

More power to them !


Who’s starting them

Than goodness

They sure are


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