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Representing the people of the Geelong, Bellarine and Lara areas as the Member for Corio is the greatest honour of my working life.

As your local Federal MP, I want to be a strong voice fighting for a positive future for the Geelong region, and to do my job effectively I need to hear what matters to you and your family.

If I can help you with a Federal matter, please contact me.

Yours sincerely,
Richard Marles

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4 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

Before the next chapter of the Geelong Football Club’s history is written tonight, it was fitting that Bob Gartland launched ‘The Greatest Team of All’ Exhibition at the Geelong Gallery last night.

This exhibition celebrates the history of the Geelong Football Club including a remarkable collection of memorabilia dating back to 1859 and guernseys from some of our club greats - Get down to the Geelong Gallery and check it out in all its glory - Go cats 🏆
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Before the next chapter of the Geelong Football Club’s history is written tonight, it was fitting that Bob Gartland launched ‘The Greatest Team of All’  Exhibition at the Geelong Gallery last night.

This exhibition celebrates the history of the Geelong Football Club including a remarkable collection of memorabilia dating back to 1859 and guernseys from some of our club greats - Get down to the Geelong Gallery and check it out in all its glory - Go cats 🏆

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And what a history its been. A club that has always played with flair, skill and showed its greatest fan (moi) feats that mere mortals can only dream of. Whether it was those beautifully executed raking left foot bullets from Peter Riccardi or the rebounds from Mathew Scarlett. Geelong fans have been given so much from those giants who have had the honour of wearing the blue and white hoops. Go Cats and thankyou. ⚪🔵

Go Geelong

Richard??, Dreaming. GO DEES!!!!!!!!

Cats tonite!

Hey Richard, were you at the climate strike???

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10 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

No amount of Liberal Party talking points will make it easier for Aussie families when they have to make their decisions at the supermarket checkout. ... See MoreSee Less

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How much money comes in in one year, how much do they spend each year and on what. If we ran our household budget like they do we would all be bankrupt.

The liberal way - shift debt to households through privatisation, feezing the Medicare rebate and then blame the victims

The problem with always trying to get more and more someone pays and the less wealthier sadly are always the first recipients of policy that doesn’t help everyone so no good talking forever about it it needs to be fixed . This is not an infinite economy and all that do think this are dreamers somewhere soon this is going to come crashing down

Mr Potato head isn't interested in the Commonwealth of Australians .He is a prisoner ,like his cabinet to the Fossil fuel lobby.To them it's all about the big of town and letting the market crucify the poor.They can't even admit that we have an environmental disaster awaiting our children's children.Spuds the lot of them!

Dutton has no idea becuase he has never a) gone to the supermarket to do his own shopping b) ever had to think can i afford fruit, vegetables or meat this week??

Where is Potato Head 2, I thought Potato Head 1 was in charge of letting his nannies into the country via the back door, not the economy.

Where is that Big Stick.??? Where is Our mightly Dollar gone???Where Is That So called Strong Economy Gone??? Where is our Fibre to the home NBN??? I know, I know, all Canberra Bubble questions Hey!!!

Deb and Katie are coming up to stay for a few days.

They had no clue how people are really struggling out there. As long as they are earning their big dollars.

"The rich get rich and the poor get poorer,in the mean time,in the mean time pollies have a good run"🎶🎵🎶

Wow now finally some one has tried to get the message through to them....face to bloody face

Rip money off NDIS but protect franking credits at any cost.

Cut the crap, Mr. Marles! Question is what will you do about it? Instead of criticizing why don't you come with answers?

The LNP only work for the ultra wealthy1 per cent who run the world.

The first problem came when the LNP got into power and took the dollar from $1.05US to $0.70US. Absent any other policy or outcome, this meant that the cost of 80% of everything that people were buying went up substantially compared to the money they were making. Now this was good for Australia's exporters (many of whom donate to the LNP) but that is a very small part of the Australian population.

Marles is not in the government let Dutton announce!

The question here is why do they think they are not accepting any accountability?

The Liberals didn’t expect to win the election, the have no policies to get the economy moving, or to combat climate change. They only want to divert everyone’s attention by bringing out the drug testing and cashless Indue Card for people on Centrelink payments. Maybe come the next election people will use their brains when voting and not listen to scare campaigns run by the Murdoch press and the liberal party.

Wots the Answer

I think DISCONNECT is the key word here!!

That's the elephant in the room voter's choice.

Don't worry this is smoke screen this government and these idiots won't be here for long. Think about it.

The Australian people's from all walks of life are feeling the pinch under liberals and lazy National's of every day living families. The LNP continues to blame Labor for the faults of there own making for over six years . For over six years LNP bad blood series Sky News had a gloated replay of the federation re election thus enabling the Australian people's from all walks of life. Importantly voters will once again will have our say at the ballot box across Australia much sooner than you think 2022 .

So true they don't care onky for themselves and their mates.

Still blaming labor 6 years later. 😒

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13 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

Go Geelong Cats - not sure why a nice guy like TODAY’s Tom Steinfort is backing yellow and black when he should be on the Cats train. ... See MoreSee Less

Go Geelong Cats - not sure why a nice guy like TODAY’s Tom Steinfort is backing yellow and black when he should be on the Cats train.

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I’ve stuck with you through the election Richard but we must part ways tonight, go the mighty tigers! Lol

Nice guys aren't always right. Go Cats

There’s no nice guys on Today or Sunrise! Don’t support the same crap shows that help keep the LNP in power.

Go Tigers! 🐅

Spot on Dylan Alcott- Morrison needs to come clean and ensure Aussie families are put first. ... See MoreSee Less

Spot on Dylan Alcott- Morrison needs to come clean and ensure Aussie families are put first.

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Josh did not mention the 120,000 + people struggling along on their own waiting for their approved (but not supplied) aged care package so they can remain at home with some assistance. Josh, anyone can have a surplus if they don't pay their bills.

It took nearly 12 months for me to get the NDIS funding for my son, the continual reports that I had to get was just crazy, by the end of it I was almost in tears trying to the approval. I have a friend who has fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions and she has applied for NDIS funding to get help but she just keeps getting rejected, it is just heartbreaking waiting for the approval.

It is an absolute insult to those of us fighting for adequate NDIS funding, to be told the budget surplus is because we aren't using the funds! Give us access to these funds and watch us use it for our family members to live a dignified life!!

aaahhhh yes the face of compassionate conservatism.. climb over the backs of the most vulnerable. Each dollar unspent is a dollar that has been unused due to lack of will to ensure that people who have disabilities get the packages they need in a timely manner..years waiting for wheelchairs, years waiting for bathroom modifications to be approved, years waiting for a package that covers needs..on and on it goes while the rich get richer and the vulnerable are demonised or ignored.

Yep been waiting 10 months for funding for my youngest! And my other son got $3500 for a whole year of therapy!!

So spot on. My son's new Powerwheelchair was rejected because it was unreasonable and unnecessary. Even though he already has one and uses it very well to access the community independently. I now have to spend too much funds of his new plan retrialling and getting new reports instead of using it for therapy.

Not to mention the thousands of people with and without disabilities trying to survive on Newstart. Not to mention the pensioners who can’t afford heating.

Anyone can have a surplus if they don’t pay their way! My grandson has been waiting for two years now on a suitable pram/wheelchair! Only $5k but hey, just make him wait longer!

How blessed to live in a place that even has Social Security! I’ve seen autistic children tied into chairs in shacks because there is no school that will take them with autism (or other disabilities that would fit into main stream education here) and there is no social security so their parents make them as safe as they can while they work or they all starve!!

How refreshing it is to see an Australian legend make such a statement. Dylan you are a star in more ways than one!

This government must be so proud of creating s surplus by making it extremely difficult for disabled people to get the equipment they need. We had a chance to rid ourselves of this government in May. We let ourselves and disabled people down.

Thanks government! I’m paying for my child’s therapies on a single income household and going without. Still waiting for my NDIS planning meeting and being told there’s 188 people waiting in front of me 😡

I am one who got a wheelchair approved and still waiting for NDIS to pay the supplier 6 months later!!

And because we have a budget surplus our MPs gave themselves a pat on their backs and a HUGE pay increase.

Hi Dylan. Mathias said this was untrue but who knows what to believe! If it is true then it is the lowest of the low! We need more people like you in our society. A great Australian and a wonderful character. I love your sense of humour and interviewing style and would like to see you on TV more often. You have an engaging and refreshing style. 😊👍🇦🇺

Not just taking money from NDIS. What about spending on basic services, including a public service already cut to the bone? What about raising Newstart to give the unemployed a decent chance at getting a job? What about offering stimulus to get the stalled economy moving? The list goes on.

In my day this was called robbing Peter to pay Paul, but it is false economy.......our political leaders should remember that Paul like all young critters do eventually grow up, grow teeth and bite back! Time for all concerned Australians to band together and bite back at those who Rob our most vulnerable members of our society!

I Am Real Australian Born and Breed My 3 Disibility GranChildren 1that is 9 and Still Waiting for a Speech Therapist To Help him Talk Waiting from 4Yrs Old and Now 9 Yrs Old NDIS CANNOT Approve Because I'm not the Legal Guardian for them, I'm a Grandmother that Cares for My Grannies and My Daughter is a Junkie that's hard to find !!!! I had these babies from 2 yrs Old now he 9 Yrs Now and Still CANNOT Communicate Properly to Understand and this is Very Fustrated for him , This Boy is Struggling in This Society All Because No Support For his Disibility Needs ,This NDIS needs Changing Because A lot of Australian Disability Children are Missing Out on Getting Help !!!! These Children will be Teenagers Soon and Still Waiting !!!! #UnfairGovernment #NDISNeedsToChangeTheirPolicyToAllowGrandmothersAccsessToClaimForTheirGranniesDisabilityNeeds

AND the Newstart debacle, AND robbing aged pensioners, And .... The poor have paid to balance the books so Morrison can give more money to the wealthy.

Not only NDIS but welfare recipients... pensions and such. And how are folk on Newstart expected to house, feed and clothe themselves while the pollies have their snouts in the trough and really just don’t care about those that are suffering and trying to exist on payments that are well below the poverty line. AUSTRALIA THE SO CALLED LUCKY COUNTRY......I THINK NOT!

Waited for a new prosthetic for months my transport got cut basically in half and I’m waiting for a water prosthetic been months and still have no answer when they told me that they would approve it as soon as they got the quote and it only took 3 plans to get prosthetics in my plan all in Geelong a first roll out area how can it not be streamlined by now

A little reading people. A surplus by a Federal Government means they have taken money away from community/tax payers. They lay it away like Scrooge McDuck (sorry showing my age) and rolling in the glory. But the same as money in a vault it does no good sitting there. Spending needed in lots of areas to stimulate against another coming GFC. No matter how bad the LNP wants it to be Labors fault and for them to always be wrong we need stimulus now!!!!!

But are we surprised that this non-compassionate, non-caring LNP government thinks that the budget surplus is the answer to all our troubles???

Just watched the treasurer espousing his wins. Like having a family with big bank account while the children have no shoes. So out of touch 😢

Where the hell are the families that are being deprived. Get them together and let the News media make it a public issue and show up the Morrison Government for what they are.

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The only thing not going up are working Australians wages. ... See MoreSee Less

The only thing not going up are working Australians wages.

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...And welfare payments...

And labors credibility

One of my medications , "Betaloc" , has increased from $10.25 to $14.99 . That's close to a 50% increase.

But there is little if any inflation! Work that out.

Anyway I normally use any Murdoch publication that's Handy. Works for Me!

Look at CEO salaries and company profits!

And less sheets to the Roll to boot.

The cost of groceries has gone to far.. if you have delivery which many pensioners/disability customers do it’s become ridiculous

And politicians salaries this is not good as most of them aren't worth the money they are getting now

And newstart

History proves that more violent change has occurred due to pressure on living standards than any other cause ie WW 2 initiated by Germany’s requirement for more land to feed its population and army’s.

Let's keep this simple. Albo for PM. Scomo has to go.

Wages are going nowere but the cost of living getting out of control now the big super markets are going to put the price of milk up substantially due to the drought or at least thats what they say it wouldn’t be about profits would it and not the Farmers???when is the Morrison government going to increase wages for all of Australians to combat higher cost of living

And the toilet rolls are getting smaller!

You got it wrong, our wages ain’t going up but the f,.,.,.,.g politicians are

The royalties paid by iron miners like Rio and bhp has not gone up since the 70s they pay 25c per tonne now just as they did 50 years ago

Isn't that the trend all over the world.You have the poor that get help from middle class you have the middle class that run the country then you have the rich who knows what they do with their money I can't figure it out.l think if it wasn't for us low class people the hard working the rich would not be rich

There is no inflation. Ask any politician in power.

Australian’s need to wake to the bullshit that the Liberal party are here for them but they represent big business wake up all you idiots


The taxpayers may have not got a pay rise but the politicians didn’t miss out

And we need to buy twice as much of it to deal with all your bullshit.

They go weekly just products vary each week

And the product s getting thinner also 👎😡even the loo 🧻 getting that way & the 🤑 prizes re going through the roof’😣

Wrong get your facts right just bought some for $3.45

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