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Representing the people of the Geelong, Bellarine and Lara areas as the Member for Corio is the greatest honour of my working life.

As your local Federal MP, I want to be a strong voice fighting for a positive future for the Geelong region, and to do my job effectively I need to hear what matters to you and your family.

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10 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

Over 2.5 million aged pensioners will have their pensions frozen as part of Scott Morrison’s pension freeze. ... See MoreSee Less

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Pensioners have been facing rising health, dental, energy and grocery bills for years. Average GP out-of-pocket costs alone have gone up by $11 under this Government. And interest rates remain at record lows. Pensioners with modest savings face a double whammy. Labor is calling on the Government to immediately end its freeze of the pension.

That was another of his " Jerky " speeches which has come to be known as pretending to care , I hope there is not one Pensioner out there in Australia that will vote for this man and his Government in the next election

Your time is up Mr. Morrison you should never underestimate the Grey vote

all our polies wages should be frozen as well

High flyers on the inefficient Broadband board will more than likely being getting their not so well earned bonuses according to the Minister on the ABC this afternoon.Incompetence rewarded it seems.

We have already paid tax on it,We the elderly have been paying tax for at least 50 yrs.

Why is it always the pensioners that have to be out of pocket,how about the politicians get a PAY CUT I think that would be a great idea,don’t you?

He does remember, pensioners do still vote.

Would be great to see them live I what pensioners do. Of course they couldn't have all their perks if they were to try to live on the pension.

I am absolutely appalled that my pension has been reduced on an assumption of how much I have in my account.

We contributed and now we are being penalised.

Scovid needs to step down We need New People that Truley look after us Enough of Corruption. 😑 Leave our Pensioners alone!!!

They will keep doing it until we stand up and let them know we are not happy time we become a group and fight.πŸ™πŸ‘

Polies get more a week than we get annually

The Government should put themselves in pensioners shoes and see how difficult things are atm

And he has given more money to Murdoch. Dreadful man.

Disgraceful act good luck getting votes at the next election I would vote for anyone but the liberals 🀬🀬

Well if he does that, he better bring the retirement age back to 60 for women and 65 for men and give a full pension and some.!!!!!!!!!!

So pensioners have to suffer,a freeze on our pension,he still gets 4000 or so a week,how about he and all his mates take a price cut,not going to happen ,plus all low income people,to suffer as well,remember when the elections come

We have paid our dues working for the last 50 - 60 years its time we got a really decent pension rise, the bloody pollies give themselves a pay rise whenever they think they deserve one. their pay rises should be indexed to CPI and anything else that governs wages !!!

This is from the highest paid PM in the World.

They had to do that to pay for their wage rise on July 1.

He cares for nothing and no one outside of his clique 😑

He is the SCUM of the Earth the way he's treating the Aged. He LIVES HIGH OFF THE PENSIONERS !! while they live Day by Day IF THERE LUCKY!!

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12 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

I know the past months have been difficult – and mask-wearing throws up its own difficulties when it comes to lip reading and communication.

Big thank you to all our Auslan interpreters and those who support the deaf community. Your work has been so important.

This was my third attempt at delivering this message in sign language. If you know Auslan, please let me know how I went.

Happy International Day of Sign Languages.

The Deaf Society
... See MoreSee Less

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you have the respect for your attempt .you beat scomo ..anytime

Thanks RM we really appreciate your efforts during this time & rely on you to really take it up to this under performing/under whelming excuse of a Government. Thank You.

No, it’s international rhino day. That is more important, I’m being serious. Rhinos are in far more trouble than signers

Thanks so much for your continued support for Auslan and the Deaf community Richard!! Well done with your signed message

Happy we can speak to the deaf...but Richard Marles - can you please speak to the dumb in politics.....😍

Richard, For some reason a song came into my mind this afternoon. It was one from Sunday School and believe me that was a very very long time ago. I was watching Dan at the Press Conference Standing Alone and that thought stayed with me. I remembered the title but had to find the words and yes I Googled it so the chorus follows Dare to Be a Daniel Dare to be a Daniel Dare to stand alone Dare to have a purpose firm Dare to make it known

LABOR needs to rid itself of the GREENS for a start and get back to ground level people

We love the effort!

it's easy to put things in that include people, the governments just need to consider them.

I think you’re great!

Good on you Richard. I applaud your actions for the benefit of this section of our community.

you should do that all the time R<M

You forgot to punch yourself in the face.

Now sign Dan time to end farce who got Private Security?

Well done πŸ‘

Richard, even the most modest televisions offer the text for talk option. Virtue signalling is a nice try at...virtue, and signalling, but it meaningless and bogus attempt to connect with the community suffering too many economic privations, while you and all your political colleagues - left, right and rainbow - and too many bureaucrats have no idea about reality. Humbug.

You too

You are wood chopping for practice,,, GOVT PROTECTION FOR LIVE CATTLE EXPORTS & PROTECTION FOR AGED CARE / REBILITATION PROVIDERS Even the Quiet OZzies who get their mis-information from Sky News would understand that when a Govt imposes a massive Govt Regulation cost ( $195 per head / the highest by far in the world) ) on Meat Processing it makes OZ less competitive & stimulates Live Cattle / Meat Processing Jobs Exports which makes Gina Reinhardt happy because she is a large Live Cattle Exporter & supporter of the National Party. Our ABC bangs on about OZ having the highest Meat Processing Costs in the World but does not explain to the Quiet OZzies with their head in the sand that the we have the highest % by a long way of Govt Regulation Costs & that technology has exposed big ways the Govt Regulation Cost could be substantially reduced .. Thank you Ita Buttrose for lazy ABC incompetent & or intentional propaganda.. Even the OZzies who read NewsCorp trash & trivia & listen to ABC jibba jabba would understand that having a blood relative requirement on our Carer Visa is a protection for Aged Care & Rehabilitation providers who can & do access the gentle cultures respectful of old & difficult people with Work Visas while individuals cannot. That some old people in aged care are being used as punching bags tells us what we cannot admit to which is that our moral culture has deteriorated below other less materially wealthy countries.. Now that mental health has entered the debate it is undisputable that people are much safer & healthier in their own home but we still have Politicians such as Andrew Wallace MP , Federal Member for Fisher saying that the Govt has no plans to change the blood relative restriction on the Carer Visa because if it did that would create a subclass .. It beggar's belief that we have such a racist bigot as Andrew Wallace MP elected as a Federal Member of Govt... It would not be unrealistic to assume that Ken Wyatt MP the previous Minister for Aged Care also had the same view / sad for the Aboriginal people Ken now represents. The voters in Hasluck WA need to get their blood-stained hands away from their eyes.. That the AMA views the blood relative restriction as not a health issue makes you wonder whose friend they are.. The racism & bigotry adds up to protection for the Aged Care Providers , it may also add up to some kind of kick back compensation for keeping the blood relative protection restriction in place...

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15 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

These are our mums and dads, our grandparents, our friends.

Older Australians who built this country deserve our respect and protection.
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These are our mums and dads, our grandparents, our friends. 

Older Australians who built this country deserve our respect and protection.

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I've been an aged care Nurse for 16 years ( I'm now 56 yrs ) ,,,, yes I do believe residents get treated poorly,,,, NEVER BY ME ,, I've seen a number of staff and family get beat up by residents that DO NOT KNOW what they are doing... two sides ,,,,, do not judge till you have walked in all these shoes.

My Grandparents, Mum and Dad are in Heaven thankfully:) I have Spoken to Older Generation people who I hope to See again because They Live close to Meβ™‘β™‘

This is really terrible and every should care - everyone hopes to get ‘old’ but not to be treated in this way. Old people must be protected - as are children. It’s a measure of a decent, fair and honest society.

Yes I am sure the elderly are at the mercy of sometime monsters but how many have regular visitations from.loving family? Regular outings and care from their families ? I just know of good people who work in aged care who tell me some residents never get a visitor but when they die a heap of people turn up for the spoils ..their mantra is .. Where there is a Will ..there is a relative πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Why dies the law allow uncaring family to inherit .? The law should make people show a pattern of care for their loved one ...even if they are in a facility ... stop the abuse ..because those who really love their elderly will know if they are being adequately cared for or not.. STOP HELPING PEOPLE TO CHASE FINANCIAL REWARDS THEY HAVE NOT EARNED from elderly vulnerable

...and the proof is...!!!!???? Likely, the same standards of proof required by the family court; nil, but why bother with facts and proof, when trial by media now seems to be the standard for ‘justice’...!?

Mandatory prison for all that harms Children/Disable & The Aged..

The Federal Liberals have turned a blind eye as Private Aged Care Homes owners, reduced staff as well as replaced many Medically trained nurses with low trained, low paid aged care workers.

Great said It's true! Thanks Richard labor Always look after all Australian keep going forward!

I thought that is why the 2018 Royal Commission into Aged Care has been formed. The blame has to go back to the owners of those homes as well as the perpetrators of the cruelty and abuse.

Thanks Richard, understanding Respect eldly Australian and look after Australian is most important during covid time and that's right businesses job for Good Australian future.

How about we start with the staffing levels, more money from the government so facilities can operate adequately because the staff are there 24/7 not there loved ones and there is always a few bad apples in every industry just look at the government need I say more , there’s a old saying don’t throw stones . I also believe if a care staff see abuse in any form they are the one who repots it .

Lot eldly Australia awful suviver in age care or living now, Scott Morrison's GOV not realy care about this lot bad job done, Need Changing!

There needs to be an IMMEDIATE overhaul and reform of the current system. OUTRAGEOUS!

So sad to think that there are people who abuse the elderly who must be so scared.

And a different form of abuse - the pathetic amount pensioners have to "live" on.

Will be nice if the age care provider Allocate staff or personal carers on the floors. And Allocate Registers Nurses in charge in each floors. They say " they can't not find staff to work in age care facilities ". Is very difficult work I see staff are fast to finish one shower and move to the next one. Every one has to be ready for breakfast. Every day is a fast faster life for a elderly person.

Not in our aged care We are wonderfully cared for in every way.Nola Ryan

This is very worrying indeed please God I never have to go into an aged care but saying that I’m now in my seventies so yes it’s a huge huge problem for us ageing population πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

Because this will never end, I can only wish the perpetrators cop the same just for laughs.

I find like in childcare too that these employees should have be only employed for say 5 years at a time as they expire on their duty of care through boredom and irritation. Even Doctors in GP practices they become complacent with their Patients. Not all but most in these areas.

Should have a special police force just to investigate crimes against the elderly and homes just like someone is missing or dead the elderly also need a voice because we know they’re not strong enough to stand up to abuse

Maybe if the nursing homes actually monitored their staff and actually trained them properly this wouldn’t happen. My mother wasn’t in a home we looked after her ourself. But she had a couple of careers that didn’t do their job right and they weren’t trained. It seems some places hirer out of the gutter. No follow up or anything. The aged care sector is disgusting. It’s just a money maker.

They are also ripped of by Politicians ..I wonder how many MPs have shares in Aged CareπŸ€” to allow one company to mak e 63million in profit in one year.And how do think they possibly able to make that much profit , could be they are ripping off the system ..

It is common knowledge - there never, ever was any "surprise" inspection !

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20 hours ago

Richard Marles MP

We're on track to have an extra 400,000 people out of work by Christmas, and what's Scott Morrison doing about it?

Cutting Jobkeeper and Jobseeker.
... See MoreSee Less

Were on track to have an extra 400,000 people out of work by Christmas, and whats Scott Morrison doing about it?

Cutting Jobkeeper and Jobseeker.

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Too many Australians are being left behind by the Morrison Government. There’s a new announcement every day, but they never deliver. Scott Morrison is always there for the photo op, but never there for the follow up.

Scmo is one individual who deserves to be out of a job, well all the LNP really.

No wait, Scott doesn’t act ever on anything.

he is pure evil our very own trump meanest ever immigration minister Clive Palmer put him there as i remember scaring all the old people with anti labour ads SCOMO AND CLIVE Imagine if we had DUTTON ATM He is at war with Australians, Border force lookin inwards No ALBO Anywhere either

Oh but the PM is giving the rich tax cuts so that's sure to trickle down 🀬

Scotty from Traveland will be off to Waikiki or some holiday destination I reckon. That’s what he does when there’s something happening, shuts down democracy and goes on holiday.

As a small business owner, we're just about to lose that assistance because we're a fraction over the 70% turnover threshold. Someone needs to tell him there are not many small businesses that can cope with a 10% drop in turnover never mind 30%.

Get on 😑with running our Country stop all the Party Politics

He is a total looser the sooner he is gorn the better for all Australia

and he also froze the old age pension. .and he calls himself a Christian. what a joke. .

But Not cutting Pollies Jobreaper.😟

Since when does this sub standard govt listen to people more knowledgeable than them ( which really isn't very hard when you look at the people in the Ministry.)

It would be interesting to see findings from a totally independent investigation to see how really effective these measures have been and where the funds were spent

He's too busy squirrelling away public money to his mates

Super markets stuffing there shelves with in ports librals way

Richard that’s exactly what Morrison is “an actor”

Needs to do something for all centerlink payments but we better not hold our breath

What a joke it's already hard to live when u have a family it is hard

The bottom is the motor of australia and morrison is destroying the motor

It’s worse than that,John. He’s another one with no heart and no care.

It’s all an act πŸ˜†

Lots of jobs around no one wants to work for less money should never have been bough in

what shitmo does best nothing but give extra to top end of town..

Getting Victoria back to work would be a good start...

I’d like to know how much he has illegally scuttered off into bank accounts in drop off locations like the Cayman Islands πŸ‡°πŸ‡Ύ

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Quite possibly the most expensive patch of dirt in the whole country.

Scott Morrison set up a great deal for the Liberal donors who own the property, but this couldn’t be a more terrible deal for Australian taxpayers if they tried.
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Too many Australians are being left behind by the Morrison Government. There’s a new announcement every day, but they never deliver. Scott Morrison is always there for the photo op, but never there for the follow up. The Government expects 400,000 Australians to lose their jobs between now and Christmas but they won’t tell us what they’re going to do about it. They’re responsible for aged care but haven’t protected residents from coronavirus. They’re more interested in getting a headline than helping people.

What a scandalous bunch of crooks we have as federal government.they should jail those responsible. They say it won't happen again but the vendors don't mind,they have the money. .

Where was the due diligence? No money for jobkeep or jobseeker, no money for the NDIS, no money for bush fire victims, no money for pension increase, no money for university educators or the arts but Scott Morrison’s Faulty Towers cohorts trying to reassure Australians that they know what they’re doing. Scott Morrison’s Government fails on every point

How can the Australian public have confidence in the Prime Minister’s infrastructure investment when he has presided over such a massive overspend?

What always amazes me about the Libs is how cheap they are. A pair of billionaires donate nearly $60,000, and in return they get a kickback of $30 million in return. It's bad enough that they're blatantly corrupt, but do they have to be so low rent?

It’s called stealing from taxpayers and Federal ICAC needed urgently

That's criminal activity at it's best people need to be sacked and criminal charges laid fraud this is a despicable waste of tax payer money

Clean money,to be changed to dirty money.This is what they always do.

This wonderful country we live in is run by LIARS THEIVES AND CHEATS SIMPLE AS THAT NEED TO BE GONE

This is unbelievable, we need an ICAC now to look into all Governments

.... "... make sure it doesn't happen again". I'm starting to believe in the bogeyman.

that all sounds very neat and tidy for those who now have 30 million more. I've heard of increases due to demand but this is a little much.

The federal govt should have compulsory acquisition powers for strategic projects like this. This is corruption.

Karma bus is coming for Morrison, as soon as the ICAC is established he will be smashing rocks doing life.

Just remember this, if they try blame Labor for any budget blowouts from history the Libs can always be proud of their own track record from now on !

He is only there for the flash of the lightbulb and we all know that's no miracle

Taxpayer money not his these politicians are the biggest burden on the encomy there shoulnd be a board made up of mutual people when governments s spend money they get ticked of by the board put some pensioners on it as they are the ones missing out the country will be paying for this forever

and there are two men who took that money with no care that it belonged to the people of NSW but greed on their part. Shame on them. Shame also on the poly who allowed this to happen. Shame on the persons who then knew about it and did not to stop it. Who will be held to account ??

Just another Morrison rort, which will disappear like vvv all the others. Don't forget this voters

We can't keep letting this happen. It must be against the law to do this.

The party of fiscal rectitude at it again. Watergate, sports rorts & now this.

This deal must be recinded. The approval for this much should be paid by the approver

This country must be on of the most corrupt in the world, just behind the Cayman Islands and the Phillipines.

Looking after their own again!

Coalition are happy to behave criminally but want to block anyone else doing the same!

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