Local Achievements

Secured the National Headquarters of the NDIS in Geelong, and trial site – creating hundreds of new jobs

Over $3 billion for the Regional Rail Link

Established a multi-million dollar fund to create jobs and support the city’s transition following Ford’s decision

Secured $37 million for Deakin University’s carbon fibre research centre

Over $26 Million for University Hospital (former Geelong Hospital) Cancer Service Centre

$10 million funded the Geelong Library & Heritage Centre

Funded & delivered the Geelong Ring Road

Trade Training Centres at Northern Bay College, St Joseph’s Collage and Covenant College

$10 million for broadcast quality lights at Simmonds Stadium

Purpose built $7.8 million training facility at the Gordon TAFE East Geelong Campus

Funded the $1.65 million Northern Community Hub

Updgraded infrastructure in more than 100 Geelong region Schools

Supported local science with $3 million to establish the Geelong Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases

Funded the Whittington Link development

Co-founded Northern Futures, helping those in the 3214 postcode find meaningful employment

Made Paid Parental Leave a reality for thousands of Geelong mums

Helped hundreds of Geelong families with children in day-care by boosting the Child Care Rebate from 30 per cent to 50 per cent

Over $3 million for the Eastern Beach Restoration Project

Photo credit: Tracy Harrison 2014 ©